We are happy to announce that NOVA Cat Clinic now has an App to help increase communication.

The App will allow everyone to request appointments, prescription, or food refills.
As pet parents, we will be able to access our cat’s vaccine records. We can also access when we last brought our cats to the clinic.

To get the App for your phone or tablet, please click the link below. The App works on iPhone and Android.

Download the PetPartner App

The small PetPartner  icon will appear on your phone.  Click on it and start to registration.

For the purposes of this App, the email address used in our records will need to be used.

From this window, appointments can be made.  If back is clicked, your cat’s picture or pictures can be uploaded.  Clicking on the top will allow you to see vaccine and appointment records.


Once the App is on the phone, your cat’s picture can be uploaded.  Profile button is pressed.

The Refill Meds/Food tab goes to the online pharmacy.


If a on site prescription is desired, it should be done from this window.  The select reason button should be pushed. Different choices can be made from this section – reasons for appointments, food, or prescription refills. This may be confusing and we are happy to answer and address any questions or concerns.



The Select Reason will to to the selection window.  A date and time can be requested.  We will attempt to respond in a timely manner.


We hope that the new App will make communication easier and quicker.  We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns.