NOVA Cat Clinic Fabulous Feline Halloween Costume Contest

Win $50 in Services! Mark your Calendar! We begin accepting submissions on October 9th – 22nd. Voting begins October 23th – November 3rd. Winner will be announced on November 4th. The Prize The winner will receive $50 in services. The winner’s photo will be displayed in our new reception area. Second place will receive $25 in services Disqualified Bart Bart would like to enter, but since he is related to a NOVA Cat Clinic employee he is disqualified.  He is talking about going to Vet School, but we are not sure he has the grades.  How to Play Submit your photo and detailsVoteShare Click here to enter and start voting

Does NOVA Cat Clinic Groom Cats?

The answer is yes BUT only for cats that need sedation to be groomed.  If your cat does not need sedation we recommend The Groomery on Glebe. The head groomer/owner, Belle is wonderful and will do a great job for your furry friend.  If your cat is severely matted (which happens to the best of us), we will administer medication to help decrease anxiety.  Fortunately, Bell comes to the clinic periodically to groom these cats that need some help tolerating clippers.  We will only be performing grooming on Mondays. Qualifications for a grooming at NOVA Cat Clinic To have a sedated groom, your cat needs to be a patient.  One of the doctors needs to evaluate your cat.  We need to be sure that sedation will be safe.  During the sedated groom there will be a doctor or licensed veterinary technician monitoring your cat. We only perform one type of cut and that is a “clown cut”. This is similar to Henry Ford and the Model "T". You can have your car in any color as long as it is black. We will do any cut as long as it is a "clown cut" Clown cut Top View Clown Cut Please feel free to call - 703 525-1955 - or email us for more information. 

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Why Are Pet Food Labels So Hard To Read?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates pet foods in the United States. Here is link to their web site about pet foods AAFCO Some states also enforce their own labeling regulations. Many states have adopted the model pet food regulations established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These regulations are more specific in nature, covering aspects of labeling such as the product name, the guaranteed analysis, the nutritional adequacy statement, feeding directions, and calorie statements. Virginia does have regulations.  Maryland is in the process of updating their laws. Pet Food Labels The labels can be very confusing.  The first place to start is that labels are “as fed”.  This means that it includes water.  So Canned or Tinned food is 70% - 80% water.  The amount of water is on the label. Dry or Kibble food is 10% water.  So how do we make this apples to apples and not mangos to oranges.  If you loved math, you are going to love this. Take the percentage of energy (lets’ use Protein).  Divide that by 100 – the percentage of water So a dry product has 30% on the label and 10% water- subtract 10 from 100 for the denominator (probably have not heard that word in awhile)  result of 90.  30 divided by  90 times 100 is 33% protein – Dry Matter A canned product has 9% protein.  Well that sounds like the dry has more protein.  So the canned product is 78% water .  100 minus 78 is 22.  9 divide by 22 times 100 is 40.9% protein.  Wow that seems tricky . Fortunately with the Internet you can use the calculator on the this web site to figure out [...]

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NOVA Cat Clinic Weight Management Workshop

First Workshop Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey for the best times to come in for a workshop.  Our first workshop will be to help your cats get back to their ideal body weights. Overweight cats About 60% of our furry friends are considered to be overweight.  This can lead to adverse medical condition, decreased quality of life and a short life. If you would like to attend our workshop – please click here. One will be September 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM and the other October 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM Treat chart This chart will let you know how many doughnuts you would need to eat to equal an extra cat treat. Hard to believe that 2 oz of tuna is 6 doughnuts !!! Additional resources Here are some additional resources Pet obesity prevention AAFP Feeding guidelines International Cat Care  obesity advice

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How Can I Tell If My Cat Is In Pain?

(What Can I Do About It?) Cats are the masters of hiding disease.  It is in their DNA to not show any weakness.  They do feel pain and we humans have challenges recognizing when this is happening There are 2 types of pain – acute (post- surgery or injury) and chronic.  As anyone with chronic pain will tell you – this will greatly diminish your quality of life.  Evaluating pain and treatments We are using Dr Duncan Lascelles methods to evaluate chronic pain.  Click here to learn more We tend to focus on medications and there does appear to be a new class of drug that may become available.  This time we want to focus on non-pharmaceutical methods of pain management.  In particular using a cold laser for pain management. Cold Laser The cold laser uses photobiomodulation (PBM) to decrease inflammation Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy results are achieved when a sufficient dose of light energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing. This can be used for both acute and chronic pain.  We have used it on some cats with chronic upper respiratory disease.  The procedure is non-invasive and don’t the cats look great with their goggles  

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New Changes In Prescription Laws

Previous Laws We have written about the changes in previous blogs.  Here is a link to a previous blog   As of July 1, 2018, veterinarians are allowed to prescribe 7 days of opioid pain medication and/or Gabapentin. After that, the medication needs to be called into a pharmacy to be filled. This can happen with our online pharmacy. All information will go into the national Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Updates on Laws As of July 1, 2019 Gabapentin has been added to the list of Controlled drugs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We need to see your cat with in 6 months to be able to renew the prescription.  Most of Gabapentin prescriptions are to help with travel.  We will NOT be able to refill any prescriptions that are over 6 months. The Rules for Buprenex have changed.  We are able to refill prescriptions over 7 days.  The legislature has responded to the need of cat owners.  Buprenex has been challenging to  find in pharmacies.  This change should make it easier for feline pain management.  We do need to see your cat every 6 months to refill the prescription. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions or concerns.

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A Message From The Surgeon General

This is a little different blog for me.  I hope you find it informative . Surgeon General's Keynote I have spent the last few days wearing one of my other hats, Delegate to the America Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).  This year’s meeting is being held at the Washington DC Walter Washington Convention Center. I am honored to be able to work with the leaders of the veterinary community. This year I had the privilege to hear the Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams, MD speak.  A few things about the office of the Surgeon General – as Dr Adams said he is neither a surgeon or a general.  He is a Vice-Admiral who oversees the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, an elite group of over 6,000 uniformed officers who are public health professionals. The USPHS mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of our nation. The Surgeon General’s web site Jerome Adams, MD Dr. Adams is very humble and gregarious person.  Everyone knows that the Surgeon General issued the warning on cigarette packages during the 60’s.  In the 80’s and 90’s Dr. C. Everett Koop worked to combat the AIDS epidemic.  He worked on education and destigmatizing  HIV. Dr Adams has made combating the opioid crisis one main targets of his tenure. During his talk, he mentioned that his brother is currently in jail in Maryland for possession of heroin.  So his family has a Surgeon General and a drug addict.  He emphasized this to members of the AVMA.  His brother became addicted from prescription medications.  Any one can become addicted.  Saving A Life He asked anyone who knew CPR to [...]

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Cat Eye Discussion With The Vegan Veterinarian

COFFEE TALK Hi, everybody. Welcome back to coffee talk. I'm Dr Erica Barron and this is our head LVT, Ellen Carozza. We have a special guest today which we will introduce you to in just a minute. But it's nice to see you here in Arlington, Virginia, and feel free to comment below with any questions you have. And today, we have a very special guest. We're very excited. I'm going to let Ellen do the honors and introduce him to you. DR TRAVIS STRONG     Well, this is Dr. Travis And you guys all know him online as the vegan veterinarian. He has been coming up the East Coast since he went to go take his ophthalmology boards recently in North Carolina. So cross your fingers he has passed. And he can visit us here at NOVA Cat clinic. And today, we're going to discuss everything about the feline eye. So before we jump into that real fast, Travis, what's your favorite color? Probably burnt sienna or puce. One of those two. What color is puce? I think that's exactly what that was. No. That's great. My favorite color is red. And Ellen's is purple.   Yes. We all know that. I wanted throw on a little ice breaker. Anybody below wants to tell us what your favorite color is that'd be great. But today, we're going to talk to you since Dr. Strong really likes eyes. We figured we talk to you. And help give you some tips about things you would want owners to know about eyes.  So what is something you would want an owner who brought a cat to you to know? EYE EXAM Well, first of all, if [...]

What Can I Do About My Cats Snuffles?

Chronic snuffles Let’s face it, cats with chronic runny eyes, constant sneezing, and booger bubbles are no fun. Not only is your pet perpetually miserable, many medications over time just don’t seem to fix the problem. While many cats are great to medicate on a daily basis, others who are chronically ill may learn that being medicated is not fun. They don’t feel better, and for owners it can seem like they keep masking the issue and that treatment options aren’t working.  My personal cat's journey I’ve faced this issue with my own personal cat, Benny, for 5 years and had many declined pet insurance claims as they would classify my cat as having “chronic herpes” that will never be fixed. For the past year, no matter how we treated it he was miserable. He also started to pull away from being social, stopped playing with his foster kittens, and started to act out at my other resident cats. He did not feel well and we had to act on it. Working with Dr Saylor from VENT I made a decision after speaking with my veterinary team and Dr. David Saylor, owner of VENT (Veterinary Ears, Nose and Throat of Maryland LLC) that it was time to finally figure out what was really going on with Benny and a rhinoscopy was recommended. Doing proper imaging of his nasal tissue, not just x-rays, looking at nasal bone changes, obtaining biopsy samples, and a culture would give his veterinarians a proper diagnosis and allow them to formulate a plan for therapy after.  I will admit I was nervous. Very nervous. Not only was it happening to my own pet, which creates a bit of anxiety, I was [...]

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Kitten in Need, Survey Results, and Summer Solstice Party

Kitten in Need Munstrum is one of our latest fosters with a rather large problem that is going to require surgery to correct after the final imaging diagnostics are performed. He has a Persistant Right Aortic Arch (PRAA). This Arch usually disappears once you are born. In Munstrum's case the PRAA is pinching his esophagus so food cannot go down to his stomach. You can see the barium stuck in the upper esophagus. Help us get the medical attention he deserves. The PRAA will have to be removed surgically. Helping kittens like him also give our local surgery team the experience and confidence to support our program to elevate the level of care in feline pediatrics. To donate click here Survey Says Thanks to everyone who answered our survey. Our 2 most popular request were dietary management and dental care. The plan is do a diet work shop in September and a dental one in January/February. We will put out a notice in the August Newsletter for September workshop. Our plan is to offer a couple of options on dates and times. Summer Solstice Party We had a great time with everyone who attended. Plans are to do this again in December. There will be another survey to see what you would like. Tours? Games? Door prize? Thank you all for your support

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