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NOVA Cat Clinic Fabulous Feline Halloween Costume Contest

Win $50 in Services! Mark your Calendar! We begin accepting submissions on October 9th – 22nd. Voting begins October 23th – November 3rd. Winner will be announced on November 4th. The Prize The winner will receive $50 in services. The winner’s photo will be displayed in our new reception area. Second place will receive $25 in services Disqualified Bart Bart would like to enter, but since he is related to a NOVA Cat Clinic employee he is disqualified.  He is talking about going to Vet School, but we are not sure he has the grades.  How to Play Submit your photo and detailsVoteShare Click here to enter and start voting

Costume Contest Winner

WOW What a great contest!!! So many amazing costumes and contestants. Thanks to everyone for entering and for voting.  Drum roll!!!! Our winner is Cotton the Lion King.  Cotton is an amazing guy.  We should all congratulate him and his family. Our second place contest is Sheriff Monpie.  Another great costume. Sheriff Moonpie Third place goes to Rocky the Magician's rabbit Thanks to everyone who entered.  Getting a good cat picture is amazingly challenging.  To get them in costume almost impossible Be on  the look out for more contest in the future.  We look forward to seeing you at our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane - Arlington, VA 22203

New Kitten Cam Available

With Kitten Season here, we thought that we should share them with you. You can follow this link and have them on your computer or smart phone. You can follow them on our web site if you would prefer.  Click here Ellen and the rest of the team will be giving you updates on the kittens as they come through the clinic. Thank you for your support and click here to learn more about the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund (CGMFF).  This is a 501c(3) charity so you can deduct your donation.

Good Bye My Friend

A sad weekend for me and the NOVA Cat family. After 17 years I had to put my Siamese girl to sleep.  She taught me so many things throughout the years. She was abandoned at the clinic because she had ringworm.  I feel in love with her instantly and she lived with me ever since then. After she gave my other 5 cats ringworm, I learned how to take care of that fungus. She taught me to always microchip my cats. She got outside and jumped the fence.  After 3 sleepless nights, I got her back by pasting signs around the neighborhood.  After that experience, I placed microchips in all the cats . At the end, she was having issues with her gastrointestinal tract - vomiting daily and terrible diarrhea.  Her ultrasound showed thick intestines so we placed her on steroids.  This gave her great quality time although she was very challenging to medicate. At the end, she stopped eating and was hanging her head over the water bowl.  As hard as it is to say good bye, it was the right thing to do to end her suffering. We will all miss you Bootie.

Fabulous Feline Contest Winner

Congratulation to Aleister. He is the winner of our Fabulous Feline Photo Contest. We will have more contest throughout the year. In his words: "Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" We had some amazing entries - Mary Lou Starbranch is a beautiful 2 year tortie Oliver licking his chops after a dental cleaning Gilderoy is very social cat, and by social I mean he likes to sit and watch everyone. He hardly ever partakes but this "man of the house" always knows what's going on. One morning I took this photo of him as he watch me and my roommates eat breakfast.

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Fabulous Feline Photo Winner

We had such great entries.  I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Please do not despair if you did not win, we are planning another contest in February.  The winner of that contest will get a free dental cleaning for the cat of their choice.  The winner will have 1 year to collect their price. So in third place is Joey.                                                                                                      Wobbles came in second place               Joey loves dressing up for the holidays                                    Wobbles made the perfect stocking stuffer. He is so named                                                                                                             because he was born without his back feet! Our grand prize winner is Peaches Peaches is a three year old beauty who enjoys pampering and playing with toys. In this photo she is posing for the world to see how beautiful she is. She was a NOVA Cat Foster and Ellen bottle raised her.

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Fabulous Feline Photo Contest

Enter your Fabulous Feline in our photo contest.  The winner will receive a free Loyalty Members.  This entitles you to 2 free exams, 5% points on purchases, and 2% of purchases goes to the Chris Griffey Feline Memorial Fund . The Contest starts on December 2,2015.  You can begin to enter your photos at that time.  The last day to enter photos is December 9, 2015.  . Voting starts the next day and goes until December 16, 2015.  The winner will be announced on December 17, 2015.   To enter Click Here and good luck. (Remember you cannot enter until Dec 2, 2015) We can't wait to see you furry friend's pictures

Facebook Banner Cats 2013

[title size="2"]Gelsey - June Facebook Banner Cat[/title] I named Gelsey after Mikhail Baryshnikov's oft partner Gelsey Kirkland. Gelsey, with her beauty, in my humble opinion, and long legs proved to also be grace embodied. You should have seen her prancing along the narrow rails around my dining room. She and her brother Misha were all of just over 3 ounces when I adopted them from Wendy's Colonial Beach rescue charity. Someone had just dropped them off--fleas and all--when they were barely old enough to leave their mother. Today, they are still best friends but keep slightly different schedules. MIscha is up with the sun and at his post downstairs watching the day begin. Gelsey always stays beside me or in my lap until I get ready for bed at night. Often she prefers to take the midnight watch and gaze out the window at the moonlit comings and goings before retiring with me. She is a terrific huntress. No bug has a chance if she is around. Her favorite game is catching paper balls and she will coming running or play if I tear a piece of paper. She is quite skilled, usually catching them in their paws with a flying leap! Her favorit food is canned grilled salmon. She gets this most nights but suffice it to say that I have been know to share some that did not come from a can with her. She can be very persuasive. At night, as long as she is touching me or Mischa, she drifts right off to sleep and stays with me the entire night. [title size="2"]Brady - May Facebook Banner Cat[/title] Brady came from a big Italian farm family in southeast Michigan. He quickly [...]

Fabulous Felines 2012

This month also marks the return of our Fabulous Feline contest! Each month starting in June, we'll accept photos and the picture with the most "likes" will be the Fabulous Feline Face of NOVA Cat Clinic on Facebook for the next month. We will accept pictures from June 5 to June 15. Voting will be from June 16 to June 23. At the end of the year, all monthly winners will be placed in a Grand Prize competition. At that time, the photo will the most "likes" will receive $300 in services or products from NOVA Cat Clinic. Second place will receive $200 in services or products, and third place will receive $100 in services or products. The Grand prize competition will begin on Jan 15, 2014. We look forward to seeing all of your fabulous felines! [title size="2"]Mac - November Fabulous Feline Winner[/title] Mac was born in Pittsburgh and spent the first year of his life in an animal shelter. In April of 2010, my Mom and I went to spend some time with the cats at the shelter, promising each other we would not get one - we just wanted to look! Well, that lasted all of about 3 minutes. I immediately fell in love with the cuddly, friendly, playful, and curious cat that we renamed Mac. (He was named after my obsession with Apple products.) I brought Mac home and opened his carrier, nervous that he would immediately hide. Not out of character, Mac walked in like he owned the place. And not too long after that, he did! He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives that we don't mind having to give him his daily medicine, buying his [...]