Dental Health Month  Plans and Quiz Contest     

This year NOVA Cat Clinic has decided to add another program to our usually Dental Quiz.

We are offering Dental Plans to help our furloughed federal workers budget their furry friends dental care. 

The plan extends the pay period for dental cleaning and possible extractions over a 6 month period. 

If you veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning, your cat can be prepared with an ECG and blood work. 

The day of the procedure you make your first payment and then 5 more payments monthly.

Price do vary but should range from $97 – $208/month.  The amount will depend on your cat’s age and need for oral surgery.

We are happy to explain the plan. Please feel free to ask us for details. We have a different plan option for new clients.

We have run a quiz contest annually.

The prize is a free dental cleaning and radiographs. Oral surgery and pain management are not included. 

Follow this link to enter. 

Those who answer all the questions correctly will be put into a drawing.