Kitten in Need

Munstrum is one of our latest fosters with a rather large problem that is going to require surgery to correct after the final imaging diagnostics are performed. He has a Persistant Right Aortic Arch (PRAA). This Arch usually disappears once you are born. In Munstrum’s case the PRAA is pinching his esophagus so food cannot go down to his stomach. You can see the barium stuck in the upper esophagus.

Help us get the medical attention he deserves. The PRAA will have to be removed surgically. Helping kittens like him also give our local surgery team the experience and confidence to support our program to elevate the level of care in feline pediatrics.
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Survey Says

Thanks to everyone who answered our survey. Our 2 most popular request were dietary management and dental care.

The plan is do a diet work shop in September and a dental one in January/February. We will put out a notice in the August Newsletter for September workshop. Our plan is to offer a couple of options on dates and times.

Summer Solstice Party

We had a great time with everyone who attended. Plans are to do this again in December. There will be another survey to see what you would like. Tours? Games? Door prize?

Thank you all for your support