NOVA Cat Clinic has both digital full body and dental x-rays.  With digital x-ray, we can send your cat’s x-rays to a boarded radiologist or other specialist for quick and easy referral.

Your cat’s x-rays can also be emailed to you or easily burned to a cd.

Digital x-ray also allows us to use less radiation than analogue.  We can also modify the lighting so we do not need to take multiple x-rays. We are able to help your cat with these non-invasive procedures.


teeth1 teeth







rads1 rads










We work with  Mobile Imaging Veterinary Ultrasound (MiVU)  to provide on site ultrasounds.  This allows us to “see” what is happening and hopefully obtain a diagnosis without surgery.










Please feel free to ask us about how we can help your cat with non-invasive imaging.