Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent survey! We will attempt to respond to some of the most commonly brought up concerns.

  1. Location and notice
    Many of you had questions as to the location of our new building and when the move would take place.The new building is 1 mile from the current location and is located near the intersection of Route 50 and Glebe Road in Arlington, VA. We are still in the beginning phases of planning and remodeling. We will be providing periodic updates, as we get closer to moving.
  2. Parking and ADA access
    There were a lot of concerns regarding parking and entering the building.At the new building we will have 15 parking spaces in addition to 5 street spaces that are currently not metered or zoned.The entrance to the clinic will be ramped with an ADA parking space available.
  3. Boarding
    Since we are going to have a new and larger clinic, some of you were curious if our boarding facility would be able to better accommodate some of our larger feline friends.New boarding condos are being purchased for the new clinic. While we will not be able to accommodate more boarders than we can now, each condo will be larger. They condos have been also been designed to decrease stress.
  4. Hours
    Many of you would like to know if we have plans to extend our weekend and evening hours.We will begin expanded doctor availability on some Saturdays starting December 2013. We may start expanding our evening hours before the move.
  5. Exam rooms, reception, and being Cat Friendly
    Several of you voiced concerns about being able to be present for simple procedures. You were also wondering if there was a way to speed up checking out so your kitties don?t have to wait after their appointments are finished.Currently we only have 2 exam rooms, which can make maintaining the flow of the day challenging. The new clinic will have 4 exam rooms and a comfort room so we have more flexibility in accommodating request.Our reception area will be able to accommodate 3 receptionists instead of 2 that should speed up the check out process.We are also hoping to have built in carrier cubbies so cats can be elevated and hide while waiting to check in or out.

Comments or questions?