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We are the only cat-exclusive veterinary clinic in Arlington, Virginia. Our close-knit team of highly trained professionals are passionate about feline health. We care for each cat using the latest techniques remembering to respect your cat. We aim towards outcomes that both heal and prevent disease. Are you looking to keep your cat happy and healthy? We’d love to help. NOVA Cat Clinic – Giving your cat more birthdays.

From the inside out.

Our team and our culture is fueled by passion: for what we do, for our furry patients, for you our clients, and the people we work alongside. Take a peek behind the scenes at the heart of our clinic.


5 Star Rating

Absolutely amazing! The vets are top of the notch! I never ever had great doctors that knew more than other vets I have been to in the past. Wow! They are the kids in class that did their homework on time and got good grades. It truly shows! I am so grateful they are taking care of my cats Cougar and Nala. I put complete trust in them! The vet assistants were super as well! Prompt and courteous! The front staff were great, friendly, and answered all of my questions. Love the new location and ample parking. It can’t get better than this! Thank you NOVA!!!

– Donna Raihl

5 Star Rating

If you think that you’ve ever been to a vet clinic where your cat was treated like a queen (or king), then think again. Our four-year old Himalayan wanted to wonder around the moment we stepped in. She simply felt home. Even when we got in the examination room, she kept her joyful mood before, during, and after the examination. The fact that the clinic is exclusively for cats may have played a role, but the genuine care and friendliness of every single person we met is amazing. From the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor, we’ve never witnessed such care. Even when withdrawing blood for some tests, our cat wasn’t irritated. The lovely lady kept on pressing on her leg to make sure not to bruise that I wished I had such care the last time I had a blood work!

If you live near by or not, it is worth it to take your cat the NOVA. It makes your vet visit surprisingly pleasant for you and your cat. They are amazing!

-Ali Dimashkieh

5 Star Rating

I’ve seen most of the vets and the techs at Nova Cat. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and so patient with my endless questions and odd concerns. I love that they take details notes and always follow up on the previous visit’s concerns.

I’ve seen on Yelp that some people think they are expensive, but the level of care is an excellent value in my opinion.

– Jenny S.

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