Are All Internet Pharmacies Created Equal?

Who doesn’t love the convenience of Internet shopping? One keystroke and boxes magically appear at your doorstep.

As with anything good, there can also be bad.

Our doctors and team at NOVA Cat Clinic are concerned about the safety of your furry friend.

Since the beginning of the Internet, there have been individuals attempting to game the system.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed “rouge” pharmacies. Click here to learn more from the FDA 


Furthermore, rogue online pharmacies offer potentially dangerous prescription drugs to U.S. consumers. FDA has issued warning letters informing the website operators that they are engaged in illegal activity in violation of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, including:

· for sale unapproved prescription drugs of unknown origin, safety, and effectiveness;

· allowing prescription drugs without a prescription;

·  prescription drugs without adequate directions for safe use; and

· offering prescription drugs without FDA-required warnings to consumers about the serious health risks associated with the prescription drug.


Therefore, we work with one online pharmacy that we trust and have a relationship. This is the only online pharmacy that we work with directly.  To learn more about our online pharmacy please click here.

We will write you a prescription that you can send to the pharmacy of your choice. We will not email the prescription to you since it has sensitive information. The information is similar to your social security number and we do not want it placed on the open Internet. We request when you use your prescription that you encrypt the document or send it via fax. Most pharmacies will need you to mail the hard copy.

For your convenience, we will match the Internet prices so you have the drug readily available when you pick up the prescription.