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Why Can I Not Find Any Royal Canin Food?

Why Can I Not Find Any Royal Canin Food? The good news is that production has come back on line.  Hopefully any issues will resolve in the next 2-4 weeks. We have been substituting other brands in the interim. Royal Canin was the victim of a computer hacking. A major global cyber attack dubbed "GoldenEye" or "Petya" caused mass disruption in both Europe and the United States.  Royal Canin was not the only company affected.  Other companies that identified themselves as victims included French construction materials firm Saint Gobain and US drugmaker Merck & Co.  The hackers were demanding $300 million in Bitcoin. Fortunately, the companies have been able to reboot and come back online without paying ransom.  To learn more about the hack click here.   We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find substitutes if you are having challenges. Here is a statement from Royal Canin "As we shared with you last week, many of the systems at Royal Canin have been subjected to a cyberattack that affected a number of companies, governments and organizations around the world. Since that time, we have been working diligently to restore our services, and we have several updates to share with you. Our manufacturing sites in the United States have resumed limited production, and we are able to begin processing orders at this time. We want to make you aware that there are several changes you will notice in the coming days. First, those of you placing orders by credit card will see a delay in your charges, as we are manually processing orders at this time. Additionally, your ship time will be slower than usual and certain products may be out of stock [...]

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Why Is My Cat Eating So Much And Losing Weight?

Why is my cat eating so much and losing weight? Dr Barron and Ellen will discuss one possible reason - feline hyperthyroidism Anyway, today we're going to talk to you about hyperthyroidism. Feel free to ask questions as they pop up. We have a special guest on the other side of the room who's going to read them to us so I don't have to squint. So, first things first, what is hyperthyroidism? Why did we call this metabolism overdrive? Well, unfortunately, when it comes to feline hyperthyroidism, the ongoing joke here in the hospital is like, that's the perfect diet, because basically it's because your metabolism is in overdrive, but that's not necessarily a good thing, because when your metabolism is in overdrive a lot of your other organs tend to get stressed. So, unfortunately-- it is a treatable condition, but a lot of times, by the time we see a hyperthyroid cat sometimes their symptoms are way far out, and the doctors need to be doing a little bit more treatment than what everybody would prefer. And so this brings back the reason why we like to see our older kitty cats twice a year so we can kind of keep track of the trends, and to find out how their metabolism is actually performing for them. Because one part of their lab work is a routine thyroid test to make sure that they are not starting to fall into this hyper metabolism trend. So, as Ellen said, this is sort of like it's a joke where it's like, "Oh, if I just need to lose a couple pounds, I could just take some thyroid hormone, and there you go," but it [...]

Getting Down To The Wire – Closer To Moving

Getting Down To The Wire - Closer To Moving At this writing, we are waiting on Dominion Power to hook us up to the grid. Many thanks to all the people who have made this happen. Our plan is to move in stages. We will have to move our x-ray and surgery table over a weekend and then have the state of Virginia inspect us. The current 923 facility will be down graded to a non-full service hospital for a few days until the inspection is complete. We will then move into our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane. The rest of our equipment will be moved the following weekend. If your cat is boarding with us, we will notify you in advance that you will need to come to the new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane. We are looking forward to the move. Some improvements include more parking, better climate control, ADA accessibility, noise reduction, more dental and surgery room for quicker appointments, and more examination rooms for quicker service. Thank all of you for your patience and support. We will have more information in a few weeks and hopefully be in our new home in late July.  We will send out a notification when we officially move. We have included some pictures as the construction finishes.

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What Do You Do With Your Cat When You Are On Vacation? Dr Barron and Ellen will try to help you with your cat(s) when you go on vacation. "It's vacation time." What does that mean for you and your cats? So Ellen why don't you jump off and talk about cats and vacation and maybe what things you should think about before you go on vacation. And we can give you some tips on if you decide you want to take your cat with you on vacation. Right. Preparation is always the key before you decide to take your cat on vacation. Number one, does your hotel allow it? Do your family members allow it? Is your cat a good traveler, etc.? Because you have to think about the pet first, even though you may want your cat to travel with you. Your cat may want to have nothing to do with this kind of travel because it is super stressed. So if your cat is not the world's best traveler, and you're only traveling for a short period of time, perhaps they shouldn't go on vacation with you versus if you do have a cat that's wonderful in the car, easily adapts to any situation within moments then, yeah, that's probably the kind of cat that would love to go travel and hang out with you. Kind of like when you see the new Camping with Cats and The Adventure Cats, it's those ones, I love them. I love the camping with the cats' website. I think it's so cool. Side note here, if you're going to take your cat on a trip, you need to have it on flea prevention, period. Yeah. And have a microchip and have harness and all that other fun of stuff. And please make [...]

Please Help the Washington Humane Rescue Alliance.

The Washington Humane Rescue Alliance is experiencing a crisis.  They have too many mouths to feed and not enough food.  The Alliance is the union of the Washington Rescue League and the Washington Humane Society.  This happened in 2016 and for more information about the click here. They are currently the largest shelter in the United States and as such have large volumes of animals they are housing and looking for "furrever" homes. NOVA Cat Clinic now has a box as you enter the hospital where you can leave your donations.  You do not only need to leave cat food.  Our canine friends would also appreciate your help. We take the food to the Washington Humane Rescue Alliance once weekly. Please feel free to ask us questions on how you can help.  

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How Do You Keep My Cat Safe During Anesthesia?

We get asked this question all the time. Dr Barron and Ellen answered questions during one of their famous "Coffee Talks". You may want to catch one of these talks on Facebook Live on Wednesdays.  A transcript precedes the talk. Today we're going to show you, using this really cute stuffed animal, how we monitor cats under anesthesia. Because we always have questions about, "Oh, what do you actually do? Why is a dental so much more than when I have a dental when I go to the dentist?" Well, because they're under anesthesia. And anesthesia, it has a lot of risks which can be avoided or minimized if we do proper monitoring. So that's why we do monitoring. But Ellen, quick question. This is on every anesthesia-- everything I've ever done. What is the most important part of monitoring anesthesia? It's always a person. All of the tools tell you what's going on, but the person has to know if something's wrong. So that's part of the reason anesthesia's so expensive. Because we need so many people staring at the cat, and the machines, and the beeps. Right? And the machines only complement what we can do. Of course, our number one tool we always use under anesthesia is a stethoscope. But the pieces of equipment we're going to show you today actually help us determine if we're starting to have an anesthetic-adverse event earlier-- Which we need to work on. Okay. So let's start. So first, we sedate the cat. We give it an injection. Okay. Then sometimes they throw up. Okay. That's done [laughter]. We don't want them to, but sometimes it happens. Then we go ahead and we put in an [...]

Even Closer To Moving

Closer and closer to moving day.  We had some set back with our outside work.  We are also still waiting for Dominion Power to hook us into the power grid. We will keep you updated and give you the moving exact moving day as soon as we know it. Thank you for all of your support and patience. While you are waiting for us to move, here is a video of Patrick singing to cats in boarding, and another "Pardon our dust" tour video.

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Want To Help An Orphaned Kitten?

Kitten season is upon us, and Ellen is hard at work with her orphans. "Jaspurr" came to the Chris Griffey Memorial Foundation (CMGMFF) from the Washington Rescue League. He had a string wrapped around his left rear leg which cut off the circulation to the limb. They were afraid that he might have to lose his leg. Ellen has been hard at work to save his leg. She has been using cold laser therapy and wet to dry bandages daily. This picture show how "Jaspurr's" poor leg and foot looked like when he came to Ellen. The video shows him after a treatment. Please click here to donate to the CMGMFF if you would like to help these orphans in need.

Are There Counterfeit Cat Drugs?

We at NOVA Cat Clinic are having a change in policy.  The reason is that there have been issues with counterfeit drugs in the veterinary market.  We will be happy to write prescriptions if you would like one.  We will not sign off on faxes from online pharmacies.  When we sign off on this, we are guaranteeing something that we cannot in good faith guarantee. We will have the prescriptions signed for you to then send to your online pharmacy of choice. Food sales are different in that the manufactures will back the sales. Here is more information from the FDA about online pharmacies.   Ellen and Dr Barron have more information

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Feline Legal Issues In The DMV

There are a couple of DMV area feline legal issues. First, the District of Columbia is considering requiring the licensing of cats.  The bill would also require cats to wear collars.  If you live in DC, you may wish to contact your alderman to state your opinion. To learn more about this possible bill click here. Second, Arlington County has postponed decision on the banning of exotic animal until June 17,2017.  This ban would include hybrid cats such as Bengals and Savannahs.  Ownership of non-domestic feline would also be included.  The staff is reviewing public opinion to redraft the measure.  If you live in Arlington county, you may wish to contact the County Board to have your viewpoint heard. To learn more click here. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has position statements on hybrid cats and ownership of non-domestic feline. The AAFP Hybrid Cat Statement The AAFP Ownership of Non-Domestic Felines.

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