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Want To Help An Orphaned Kitten?

Kitten season is upon us, and Ellen is hard at work with her orphans. "Jaspurr" came to the Chris Griffey Memorial Foundation (CMGMFF) from the Washington Rescue League. He had a string wrapped around his left rear leg which cut off the circulation to the limb. They were afraid that he might have to lose his leg. Ellen has been hard at work to save his leg. She has been using cold laser therapy and wet to dry bandages daily. This picture show how "Jaspurr's" poor leg and foot looked like when he came to Ellen. The video shows him after a treatment. Please click here to donate to the CMGMFF if you would like to help these orphans in need.

Are There Counterfeit Cat Drugs?

We at NOVA Cat Clinic are having a change in policy.  The reason is that there have been issues with counterfeit drugs in the veterinary market.  We will be happy to write prescriptions if you would like one.  We will not sign off on faxes from online pharmacies.  When we sign off on this, we are guaranteeing something that we cannot in good faith guarantee. We will have the prescriptions signed for you to then send to your online pharmacy of choice. Food sales are different in that the manufactures will back the sales. Here is more information from the FDA about online pharmacies.   Ellen and Dr Barron have more information

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Feline Legal Issues In The DMV

There are a couple of DMV area feline legal issues. First, the District of Columbia is considering requiring the licensing of cats.  The bill would also require cats to wear collars.  If you live in DC, you may wish to contact your alderman to state your opinion. To learn more about this possible bill click here. Second, Arlington County has postponed decision on the banning of exotic animal until June 17,2017.  This ban would include hybrid cats such as Bengals and Savannahs.  Ownership of non-domestic feline would also be included.  The staff is reviewing public opinion to redraft the measure.  If you live in Arlington county, you may wish to contact the County Board to have your viewpoint heard. To learn more click here. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has position statements on hybrid cats and ownership of non-domestic feline. The AAFP Hybrid Cat Statement The AAFP Ownership of Non-Domestic Felines.

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Getting Close To Moving

I have learned that when doing construction it seems that everything cost twice as much as predicted and takes three times longer to happen. All of that being said we are getting very close.  We are hopeful to be in our new home at 3838 Cathedral Lane - Arlington, VA 22203 in mid June.  We will keep you notified. One small change is that we will be able to continue boarding throughout the move.  We may have to move cats from one facility to the other but we will keep you notified. We may not have x-ray capability for a couple of days. We are working with one of our neighboring clinics if that is the case. So please pardon our dust and here is a short video tour.

Do You Know Any Good Cat Books?

I am always up for a good book about cats. This past Sunday I was reading the Washington Post and saw an article about a new book on cats.  The Inner Lives of Cats.  Thomas McNamee The book centers on the author's cat, Augusta.  All of us know that a cat finds us usually not the other way around. He discusses things he has done correctly and things he would change. If you are a cat "nerd" like me, you will love all the information he interspersed in the narrative. To read the Washington Post review click here. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have.

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What Happened To Trina?

We are happy to report that our St Elizabeth's foundling has found a "furrever" home.  She has been renamed Bitty and recently send us a note. To read more about Bitty when she was Trina click here Hi all! It is me Bitty, (formerly known as Trina). My new mom has been making sure that I am settled and even let's me out on the porch with her sometimes. I like to watch the two cardinals and the occasional mouse that comes to visit us. Mom says I cannot eat them but we will see. I love to play with my laser toy and watch real housewives. I like morning cuddles but mom has a bed for me too that when it is night night it placed next to the bed so I can keep an eye on her. Sometimes I jump up on the bed and watch her sleep or wake her up at 4 am to play. I love my canned food and treats and I get ice cubes in my water bowl. My mom has this thing called a vacuum which I told how come and what for so that it knows I am the princess of the apartment. Hope all is well! Love Bitty

Can My Cat Travel On Amtrak?

We have other post about traveling on Metro and planes. I just learned that cats are allowed on Amtrak for an additional $25.  They must be in a carrier, but the carrier can be soft or hard.  The trip cannot be over 7 hours.  Your cat is not allowed out of the carrier during the trip.  The carrier counts as a carry-on.  Only one cat per passenger. Only 5 pets are allowed per train so you need to call and make reservations. The cats are not allowed in the Cafe Car. We have started using Gabapentin to help with anxiety. You should discuss this with your veterinarian. For more information from Amtrak click here. 

Lilies Are Toxic To Cats

Easter is upon us. We will all be outside enjoying ourselves and the beautiful weather. Soon we will see the beautiful white trumpet-shaped Easter lilies that appear everywhere this time of year. Unfortunately, for those of us with cats, these flowers are deadly. Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum) are incredibly poisonous to cats. All lilies are toxic. All parts of the lily plant are dangerous, including the flowers, stamens, stems, leaves and roots – even the pollen. If a cat gets pollen on its coat and then grooms, it could still cause fatal illness. Cats that get pollen on themselves should be thoroughly bathed as soon as possible. Most of the time we figure out that our cat has eaten lilies when we find a piece on the floor. Sometimes it is in a pile of vomit. When it comes to lilies, it is imperative that you seek emergency medical treatment for your cat as soon as possible to ensure proper and effective treatment. In approximately 2-4 days after ingestion of the plant, your cat may begin to show signs of kidney failure. If enough toxin is absorbed to cause acute kidney failure, then the likelihood that your cat will respond to treatment is poor. A cat affected by lily intoxication will initially show signs of an upset stomach, vomiting, a lack of interest in food, and lethargy. These initial signs may appear within 2-12 hours of ingestion and may disappear after 12 hours. The cat may improve briefly or appear to act normal before the condition progresses to serious acute renal failure within 48 to 72 hours. Once a cat’s kidneys have been damaged to the point of failure, they will show a variety of [...]

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Cats Needing “Furrever” Homes

Everyone who meets Mink falls in love with him. Mink is a handsome gentle giant who wants nothing more than a lap to sit on. If you have a sunbeam and some treats to munch on, so much the better. He's a very friendly, laid-back kitty who purrs up a storm. He loves being carried and being brushed. He qualifies as a senior, but don't tell him that. He thinks he's a lap panther!                           Fluffy is a beautiful 4-year old girl who hails from Moscow, Russia. Fluffy is a true Russian ballerina-beautiful and graceful. She seems a bit shy at first, but she just wants to give you her attention on her own terms. Once she decides she likes you, she's a total lovebug and can get quite silly and playful. She'll give an adorable little chirp to let you know your attention is required. She'll keep you company all day, either on your lap (she's happy to share it with Mink) or very nearby. She loves being brushed and playing with her feather toys.                 This pair has been through some hard times, losing their home when their elderly owner suddenly passed away. But their difficulties have not hurt their sweet dispositions one bit, and they're looking forward to a "furrever" home of their own. They are good with other cats. If you have an empty lap in your home, these two would love to fill it! They are being fostered through For more information on adopting these two delightful kitties, you can contact (their foster mom), or one of their HT [...]

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When Is The Move? – Getting Closer

We were hoping to be in a our new space at 3838 Cathedral Lane in mid April.  Everything will be in place before mid April, but we will not have power. Dominion is projecting that they will be finished May 5th. There will be a few days of cross over.  During those days we will not have boarding or full body x-ray.  Everything else will be available. Since the move is delayed, boarding is available in April for the Easter and Passover holidays.  We hope to have a move date set soon. We would like to share the progress. Surgery                 First Floor                   Outside                    

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