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Presenting Our New Updated Rewards Program

New revamped rewards program We have changed our rewards program.  The new system is easier and very much “old school”.  Anyone enrolled in the old system will get unused credits passed down to the new system.  We will launch on June 3, 2019 It's very simple – for every $100 you spend on an invoice, you earn 1 stamp. And once you've collected 16 stamps, you’ll get $100 off a future visit! Simpler to use To get this credit even faster, you can also earn special bonus stamps for things like referring your friends or bringing your cat in for their recommended exams on time. Best of all, it's totally free to join. So pick up your card and special name-tag holder at your next visit! To learn more click here to our Rewards Page Get stamps for recent invoices We love our existing clients, so until June 25, 2019, you can claim stamps for any invoices you’ve paid since March 1, 2019 (up to a maximum of 16 stamps)! To collect these stamps, you have two options: If you have an upcoming appointment, you can ask for your stamps when you arrive. Then we’ll review your records and have your new card ready when you check out.Or you can send our office an email requesting we review your recent invoices. Then, someone on our team will look at your records, tally up your stamps, and let you know when your stamp card is ready to be picked up. Only valid for invoices paid in full on or after March 1, 2019. The maximum number of stamps you can earn for previous invoices is 16. Cards must be picked up by the time our office [...]

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How Should You Treat the Patient, and Not the Disease?

My cat with Pectus My little cat Cleopatra came to me during one of my summer externships in veterinary college.  On my last day at the clinic, they presented me with a tiny 6 week old kitten with a congenital defect.  She has pectus excavatum, which means that her sternum (breast bone) grew in instead of outward during development.  As a result, her heart is on one side of her body, and on a hot day she is winded quickly.  It is not as common in cats as it is in dogs, and it also occurs in people.  This is something that can be surgically fixed if it causes dyspnea (trouble breathing) and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).  Although when you look at her radiographs and you feel her “dent” in her chest it feels severe, Cleo is generally asymptomatic so we did not pursue surgery. Idiopathic Cystitis Cleo suffers from “Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease” or “Idiopathic Cystitis.”  Some cats, when they are extremely stressed, will suffer from urinary symptoms (bloody urine, pain when urinating, making frequent trips to the litter box, urinating small amounts) without having an infection.  There has been no rhyme or reason to what triggers Cleo’s flare ups during her lifetime, but luckily with medication she recovers quickly. Ultrasound To be thorough, I had her imaged by our traveling ultrasonography group MiVu.  Although her urinary tract system looked great, the astute veterinarian found a small cancerous mass in her stomach which has already spread to the lymph nodes.  Cardiology We are so lucky to live in an area with terrific specialists.  Cleo had a wonderful visit with Dr. Peckens, a cardiologist at CVCA, to clear her for surgery.  Because of her [...]

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Acupuncture and Aging

Slowing natural aging Everywhere you look, there is a significant amount of research dedicated to aging in our western society.  Ways to try to slow it, creams to reduce our wrinkles, supplements to help creaky joints and different puzzles to stimulate our minds.  Aging is not species dependent and our older kitties need special attention as well. Along with twice yearly physical exams, comprehensive labwork, parasite screening, appropriate diets and exercise, there may be supplements available to help our cats develop more gracefully in their senior years.  Essential Fatty Acids (like omega 3s) and glucosamine are some examples of supplements that may help decrease signs of joint disease in our aging cats.  Essential Fatty Acids are also know to help with mind health. Acupuncture can help Acupuncture may be a great addition as well.  One question we ask at every senior exam is, “How is our friend moving around?”  At least half of our wonderful owners reply, “They’re slowing down, but that’s just because they are old.”  Although some of that may be correct (I know I don’t always have the energy to keep up with my kids!), I would venture to ask why.  Why are they slowing down?  Is it due to pain from arthritis?  Are they losing muscle mass and cannot jump as high?  Is there abdominal pain so they do not want to jump?  Is there a lesion somewhere?  Are they having a harder time seeing the jump?  Do they just have a general lack of energy?  A good Eastern exam may help clue us in to some of these nuances.  Flexibility Another concern with aging is being less flexible, or having a harder time with change.  Cats tend to dislike change [...]

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Update on Buddy – Diabetes Survey

Buddy post radiation treatment Buddy did very well with all of his anesthesia and radiation treatments. He is back with us safe and sound. We have survey at the end of this blog. You will have the potential to win $25 in services. Post treatment mediations Dr White placed him on a light short course of steroids. One of the side effects of radiation therapy is swelling. Unfortunately because there is not a lot of extra room in the skill, swelling can cause neurological signs. These include stumbling, stupor, or coma. The steroids help reduce the potential swelling. In Buddy's case, the steroids made his diabetes worse. We had to increase him to 15 units of insulin twice daily. Most cats are on 1-2 units twice daily. The steroids were greatly decreasing his quality of life.We called Dr White and she agreed since this was making his life uncomfortable we would taper him and take him off the steroids early. Potential side effects We are closely monitoring him for neurological signs. The plan is to give him a large amount of steroids if he does have signs. It should take 3-4 months before we see results from the radiation therapy. Freestyle Libre In the interim, we have started using the Freestyle Libre to monitor his glucose. From the early results, we feel that this is a game changer for glucose curving. We hope that all of us will be happier using this technique. Here is a video of us applying the Freestyle Libre Applying Freestyle Libre Our question to you for the survey is how you would like us to administer this disc.Please follow our link to the survey. You will be entered in [...]

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Are Lilies Toxic To Cats?

It is that time of year again. Spring is in the air and there are flowers in bloom. We try every year to warn cat lovers that Lilies are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. My personal experience My birthday is around Easter. This year I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are amazing. As I looked at them, I had a small gasp -Stargazer lilies. Toxicity These flower are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. If you cats chew on a couple of leaves, drinks the water, or grooms the pollen off their body, get the emergency clinic as quickly as possible. There is a toxin in the flowers that result in kidney failure if not treated quickly. Previous post and resources The ASPCA Poison Hotline Here are links to post from years past - 2018 2017 2016

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Would You Like To Help A Siamese Cat?

“Fala” is a wonderful 14 year male neutered Siamese cat.  He unfortunately lost his mother after her battle with cancer.  "Fala" has been a wonderful patient and we have seen him since he was a kitten in 2004. He is in very good health and at his last check up, all of his blood work was with in normal limits.  I used to tease his mother that Fala means talk in Portuguese.  That being said he is not any more talkative than most cats.  He is very sweet and a great companion.  He has been an only cat for the majority of his life. He did go on walks with his mom and acclimates to new environments quickly.  His mother meant a lot to all of us here at NOVA Cat Clinic and we promised his mom that we would help him find a new furrever home.  Please call 703 525-1955 or email if you would like to learn more about Fala. 

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Meet Us At Meow DC

The Washington Area is going to have its first cat extravaganza. From the humane rescue league " Meow DC, the first large cat event of its kind in the DC metropolitan area, will take place Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Dock 5/Union Market in Washington. All of this fantastic feline fun under one roof! And all for a great cause – to benefit the animals, programs, and services of the Humane Rescue Alliance." To lear more and to follow Meow DC click here NOVA Cat Clinic We are very excited to be at this new event. We will have give aways and trying to help you have fun with your furry loved one. Tickets are 100% tax deductible. Click here to purchase tickets Venue The event will be at Union Market. For directions please click here

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Is Pet Insurance Worth The Money?

In some cases it may be.  I want to relay the story of our clinic cat Buddy.  Buddy's Story Buddy came to us because of chronic pain and a behavioral issue.  With the use of gabapentin, meloxicam, and diet, we were able to control the pain from his declaw and the behavior changed.  We noticed that Buddy started drinking excessive amounts of water and his litter box was over flowing.  He also had a dramatic increase in appetite and was losing weight.  Diagnosis We did a physical examination and took some blood and urine.  You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.  Buddy had diabetes.  We started him on insulin.  As treatment went along, he did not seem to improve.  We slowly increased his dosage and he was up to 7 units twice daily. Most cats only need 1 unit or sometime 2 twice daily. Something did not seem right.  We started checking for other concurrent issues – hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, infection, acromegaly to help determine the reason for the insulin resistance. Everything came back normal, until we looked into acromegaly.  This is a condition where the body is producing to much growth hormone.  There is usually a pituitary tumor as the cause.  The first screening test is a blood test that is sent to the reference lab at Michigan State University.  After a week, the test came back elevated suspicious for acromegaly. Pet Insurance At this point, Buddy’s health care was in the lower thousands of dollars.  Fortunately, we had taken out an insurance policy with Trupanionwhen Buddy came to live with us.  We have a $500 deductible and the insurance company then pays 90% of his bills. MRI We took Buddy [...]

Does Your Cat Have Kidney Disease and Anemia?

NOVA Cat Clinic is participating in a study to help cats with kidney disease and anemia. If you cat has this condition, please contact us to learn how your cat can be enrolled.  Your cat will be helping millions of other cats benefit from this new drug.  In addition, you and your cat will be compensated. The kidneys are the body’s filter, but do many other things.  Kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin.  This hormone tells the bone marrow to make red blood cells.  When this stops, cats become anemic.  This is a very serious condition and can result in death.  Currently human type medications are used for cats.  Unfortunately, approximately 30% of cats develop antibodies to the human component of the hormone.  When this happens the medication stops working.  With the new feline version of the hormone, this will not happen.  All cats will receive the medication.  This study is to determine dosing.  Safety and efficacy studies have been performed.  After this study, the drug results will be submitted to the FDA. If you feel that your cats may qualify for this study, please call us at (703) 525-1995 or email office@ for more information.

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What’s Up At NOVA Cat Clinic and Dental Contest Winner

We wanted to give you updates on what is happening at NOVA Cat Clinic. We also want to let you know about our dental contest STUDIES NOVA Cat Clinic will be participating in a couple of veterinary studies.  One is a study for cats with kidney disease.  The medication is to help kidney cats with anemia.  If you are interested in participating or learning more please email and put KIDNEY in the subject. The second study is to help itchy cats.  It you have an itchy cat and are interested in learning more please email and  put ITHCY in the subject.  WELLNESS We hope to have our kitten wellness program ready to start in early April.  We will be sun setting our loyalty program.  MEOW DC    NOVA Cat Clinic will be at MEOW DC, April 27, 2019 at Union Market.  To learn more about MEOW DC click here Washingtonian Magazine is also holding a Cutest Cat Contest.  There is a $30 entry fee.  To learn more click here.  DENTAL CONTEST Thanks to all that participated.  30% of respondents answered all of the questions correctly.  The winner gets a free dental cleaning for her cat. The other contestants who answered correctly will get one of our new NOVA Cat Clinic eco friendly bags.  Here are the answers to the quiz- The correct answers are highlighted in yellow

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