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How Can I Help The Animal Victims Of Harvey and Irma?

All of us have been watching Mother Nature at work with horror. We want to be able to help our friends, family, and their pets in Florida and Texas.  One thing to remember is to not forget that there will be need weeks and months from now.  So of course donate now, but think about donating later this year and early next year 2018. I saw this first hand when I went to New Orleans post Katrina. I worked with Alley Cat Allies helping shelter and return cats back to their owners. The need did not stop 1 month after the storm. Most of the rescue groups are requesting funds and not blankets, cat litter, or food at this time.  Keep your eyes and ears open if the requests do change, but at this time cash donations are greatly appreciated. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is issuing grants to veterinarians who are taking care of displaced animals. For veterinarians, Texas is offering temporary licenses for those that want to help. Click here for more information If you would like to make a donation to support this work use AVMF Code: “Disaster Relief” when completing the donation form. If you wish to support the many other AVMF programs that help veterinarians help animals, please visit The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) is another organization to consider sending your donations. The Veterinary Information Network Foundation (VIN) is taking donations that will be going directly to the TVMF. This is a first hand account from a good friend of mine in Houston. "Just getting home. It’s a huge mess. It will take Houston years to recover from this. Apparently estimated to be a 2 billion dollar rebuild. [...]

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When Is Your Move?

The day is getting closer and closer.  There are a few moving parts and the main one is our Certificate of Occupancy.  We started with over 150 conditions and are down to 4. We hope that you love our new facility as much as we do.  We should have sedated and anesthetic procedures at 3838 Cathedral Lane by September 20, 2018.  The rest of the clinic should leave 923 N Kenmore and be at 3838 Cathedral Lane by September 25, 2017. One of the issues that will be resolved is parking.  We have 15 spaces as opposed to the 6 currently. We will keep you post and here are some photos below of 3838 Cathedral.  Thank you for all of your support. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

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How Do You Prepare For A Cat Emergency When You Are Away?

Dr. Barron: Hi everybody, my name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is our head technician, Ellen Carozza. We just wanted to take a minute about a great topic from one of our clients, doing daily checks on your cats. Ellen: It's super important when you get up in the morning, the first thing is to do that head count. Make sure all of your pets are present, nobody's missing and nothing's wrong with them. The most common time we get a panicking phone call is at 7:30 in the morning for something happened overnight to your pet. It’s also important to make sure that when you're getting ready for bed at night everybody’s okay. So if there are subtle signs of something not right, make sure you check on it, because the sooner you figure out something's going wrong, the sooner it can be addressed and treated. What should clients be looking for if things could be possibly wrong? Dr. Barron: Good question. So number one, if your cat's covered in blood, just bring him in. Go to the ER. It's an emergency. Blood's an emergency. Cats don't bleed like that unless there's something wrong, so they need to be seen immediately. You also want to check their breathing. If you're looking at the cat and you're think, "Huh. I'm noticing you breathing a lot," it may be an emergency. Most of the time, you don't really notice cats breathing. Honestly, most cats would rather be dead than be open-mouth breathing. I don't know what it is, perhaps they find it offensive. Maybe they think tongues are gross. But if you notice your cat open-mouth breathing, or if there's a marked abdominal component, or [...]

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Please Help Support Us As The Best Veterinarian In Arlington

Arlington Magazine is holding their Best Of Arlington voting. We would greatly appreciate if you could show your support with your vote Click here to vote There are upcoming changes that will be happening in the next few weeks.  We should be fully moved by the middle of September. We will continue to provide the most "Cat-Friendly" practice atmosphere.  We have taken steps at 3838 Cathedral Lane to have that happen. We have larger cages and the cats should not be able to see other cats.  We are hoping to take advantage of all the natural light. As for our cat parents, we have triple the amount of parking.  We have more exam rooms and a larger receptionist area.  The new building is ADA compliant with a reserved space in front. Thanks everyone for your support and we hope you love the new space. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

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What Is IBD and How Is It Treated? Hi, everybody. Sorry for our hiatus. My name's Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician here at NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia. And today, feel free to pop in any questions wherever. But we're going to talk about inflammatory bowel disease in cats. In people, it's called inflammatory bowel syndrome, but we call it disease because it's a disease. So today, we're just going to go through the beginning of it, and we're going to go through how and why it happens, and we're also going to talk about symptoms of it and signs. So Ellen, I feel like we talk about poop a lot. We do a lot of stuff. We do a lot of fecal analysis in house, including stains and everything as well. We're always handling poop. It's true. And then we always talk to people about what you see in the box, so here we go doing that again. So why don't you start talking about the guts and just what the normal gut does, and then we'll talk about what happens when it gets diseased. Well, the difference between the feline patient, because they're true carnivores versus your omnivores patient, is you are always going to have different lengths of your intestine because cats have a very short intestinal tract. They also have different flora as well with their intestinal tract as well So anyway, what happens is IBD basically is this huge inflammatory process that can be caused by numerous things. And so when the cat usually is presented for poop issues, it's usually because the cat's been having chronic diarrhea for a long time, and your veterinarians have ruled all sorts of [...]

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Logistics For The Move to 3838 Cathedral Lane

After many months, we are nearing our move date.  Hopefully at this writing Arlington County has granted us a Certificate of Occupancy.  As we have learned, things do not as proceed as one desires. One of kind clients, Junell Scheeres has volunteered her services in our move.  Ms Scheeres is an industrial engineer and has planned human hospital moves.  We feel very lucky to have her assistance and we are truly grateful. Our plan is to move in stages.  We are moving the upstairs of 923 N Kenmore to 3838 Cathedral Lane first.  What this means for you is that anesthetic procedures will be performed at the new facility around the middle of August.  Other "upstairs" services are boarding, radiology, and dentistry.  We want to be sure that all of these are functioning well prior to moving the "downstairs" Hopefully the rest of the clinic will follow in the next week. We will be sending out reminder post cards and an email. Thank you all for your support and patience.

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Want To Help Our New Special Needs Kitten?

Want To Help Our New Special Needs Kitten? Accidents happen with kittens, and unfortunately, for Dory her hind end was shut in a door. Once the owner realized what had happened they took her to the emergency clinic where they could not afford for veterinary care and had opted to have Dory put to sleep.  Fortunate for her, instead of euthanasia our Good Samaritan veterinarian, Shannon Heath, DVM was on one of her part time shifts at Price William Veterinary Emergency Clinic and asked if the owner would like to have Dory relinquished to the PWVEC where she could have the opportunity to get the care she needed. The PWVEC does not foster any cats so Dory was brought to Ellen Carozza, LVT to be taken in as a NOVA Foster of the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation.  Dory currently does not have full use of her right rear leg.  She can minimally use her left leg due to her compensating for the right one, and has been dubbed our “Little Purrmaid” since she sits as if she has fins instead of legs.  She has been receiving both laser and acupuncture therapy here at NOVA CAT and does seem to be helping.  However, we need to do more for her. From our evaluations, she does have deep pain but still not able to use the right rear leg to a functional capacity. That brings us to the next step of care.  A specialist. Dory will be going to see the neurologist for a consult and possible MRI next week and we hope to find out if she can be treated medically or if surgery may be necessary.  The neurologist will give us options for us [...]

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Why Can I Not Find Any Royal Canin Food?

Why Can I Not Find Any Royal Canin Food? The good news is that production has come back on line.  Hopefully any issues will resolve in the next 2-4 weeks. We have been substituting other brands in the interim. Royal Canin was the victim of a computer hacking. A major global cyber attack dubbed "GoldenEye" or "Petya" caused mass disruption in both Europe and the United States.  Royal Canin was not the only company affected.  Other companies that identified themselves as victims included French construction materials firm Saint Gobain and US drugmaker Merck & Co.  The hackers were demanding $300 million in Bitcoin. Fortunately, the companies have been able to reboot and come back online without paying ransom.  To learn more about the hack click here.   We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find substitutes if you are having challenges. Here is a statement from Royal Canin "As we shared with you last week, many of the systems at Royal Canin have been subjected to a cyberattack that affected a number of companies, governments and organizations around the world. Since that time, we have been working diligently to restore our services, and we have several updates to share with you. Our manufacturing sites in the United States have resumed limited production, and we are able to begin processing orders at this time. We want to make you aware that there are several changes you will notice in the coming days. First, those of you placing orders by credit card will see a delay in your charges, as we are manually processing orders at this time. Additionally, your ship time will be slower than usual and certain products may be out of stock [...]

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Why Is My Cat Eating So Much And Losing Weight?

Why is my cat eating so much and losing weight? Dr Barron and Ellen will discuss one possible reason - feline hyperthyroidism Anyway, today we're going to talk to you about hyperthyroidism. Feel free to ask questions as they pop up. We have a special guest on the other side of the room who's going to read them to us so I don't have to squint. So, first things first, what is hyperthyroidism? Why did we call this metabolism overdrive? Well, unfortunately, when it comes to feline hyperthyroidism, the ongoing joke here in the hospital is like, that's the perfect diet, because basically it's because your metabolism is in overdrive, but that's not necessarily a good thing, because when your metabolism is in overdrive a lot of your other organs tend to get stressed. So, unfortunately-- it is a treatable condition, but a lot of times, by the time we see a hyperthyroid cat sometimes their symptoms are way far out, and the doctors need to be doing a little bit more treatment than what everybody would prefer. And so this brings back the reason why we like to see our older kitty cats twice a year so we can kind of keep track of the trends, and to find out how their metabolism is actually performing for them. Because one part of their lab work is a routine thyroid test to make sure that they are not starting to fall into this hyper metabolism trend. So, as Ellen said, this is sort of like it's a joke where it's like, "Oh, if I just need to lose a couple pounds, I could just take some thyroid hormone, and there you go," but it [...]

Getting Down To The Wire – Closer To Moving

Getting Down To The Wire - Closer To Moving At this writing, we are waiting on Dominion Power to hook us up to the grid. Many thanks to all the people who have made this happen. Our plan is to move in stages. We will have to move our x-ray and surgery table over a weekend and then have the state of Virginia inspect us. The current 923 facility will be down graded to a non-full service hospital for a few days until the inspection is complete. We will then move into our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane. The rest of our equipment will be moved the following weekend. If your cat is boarding with us, we will notify you in advance that you will need to come to the new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane. We are looking forward to the move. Some improvements include more parking, better climate control, ADA accessibility, noise reduction, more dental and surgery room for quicker appointments, and more examination rooms for quicker service. Thank all of you for your patience and support. We will have more information in a few weeks and hopefully be in our new home in late July.  We will send out a notification when we officially move. We have included some pictures as the construction finishes.

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