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Earn $25 – We Want To Hear From You

Earn $25 - We Want To Hear From You Hard to believe it has been an entire year since our move into our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane. We hope you like the new facility and the expanded parking options. We like to check in with you, our clients to see how we can improve our service to you and your furry loved ones. For your troubles, you will be entered in a drawing for $25 in your account. From past surveys, we have expanded our evening hours and now offer an 8:30 appointment. We also have expanded out two doctor Saturdays increasing the availability of appointments. We want to know what service or products you would like for us to add. SURVEY Click here to participate in our survey. Thank you for your time and opinion. We will announce the winner of the drawing on Jan 2, 2019. We will also answer all questions that are given to us. QUESTIONS ANSWERED An example is “Can you offer more grooming options?”. We currently only groom cats that are in the medical need category. These are cats that severely matted. All of our current grooms are sedated. We have discussed working with having a groomer come on site if and when there are enough people interested. The groomer would be in their mobile van outside the clinic. Can you offer mobile and euthanasia services? We currently do have limited service. When we are not available, we recommend using Lap of Love.

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Costumed Cat Contest Winner 2018 and Client Survey

Costumed Cat Contest Winner 2018 and Client Survey Who doesn’t love a cat in a costume? There were some great entries this year and the voting was close Costume winners Our winner is Tempura She is dress as Sailor Mewn She wins $100 in services or products. Her mother gets to decide how she will spend her winnings. Her picture will be placed in our lobby in a place of honor. Second place is Teddy, the Late Bloomer. Third place is Mr Piggy Survey We love to hear from you. For your time, there will be a random drawing for $25 in services or products. From your responses, we now have expanded the availability of Saturday hours. We have three 2-doctor Saturdays up from 1 in the past. We have an 8:30 AM appointment. Our latest appointment is now at 6:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. Would you like more contest? An open house? Happy hour? Different hours? Please click here and let us know your opinion.

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How Can Feliway Help My Relationship With My Cat? How Can Feliway Help My Relationship With My Cat? Hi, everybody. Welcome back to coffee talk. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and this is Ellen Carozza our head LBT here at Nova Cat Clinic. And we're in Arlington, Virginia. And we're going to make this short today. But I talk a lot, so it might be long unfortunately because that's how I go. But today we're going to talk to you about our favorite products called Feliway. And there's actually three versions of this. So we're going to talk about what each one is and how we like to use it. So which do you think we should start with? The classic, since it's classic? Why not? This is classic as the first one that actually came out. Yes. This is that when you work in a cat hospital the one you use. Right. FELIWAY CLASSIC Okay. Ellen, tell us, where does Feliway Classic come from on the cat's body? Or where is it supposed to be, the pheromone? Actually, Feliway Classic is called the happy cat pheromone because it comes from the face and the ears or the head of the cat. So when the cat is actually marking territory, marking you, the furniture, walls, etc. those are safe spots. And those are their happy spots that they go ahead and deposit something of their pheromones, like their oils and everything, and they know exactly who's been there by the mark of the oils. And they also know that's a safe spot, they've been there, they feel secure. So that's how Feliway Classic works. Yes. So what we like to do is we'll spray this on towels, kind of air it out. The [...]

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Feline Myths Dispelled We're live. Hi everybody. Welcome back. This is Coffee Talk. And my name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is our head technician, Ellen Carozza, here at NOVA Cat Clinic. Thanks for your patience because we're looking at two different screens, so if you feel like we're not talking deep into your soul because we're not making perfect eye contact, you might be over there with Instagram, and then we might be over here with Facebook. So thank you while we are, I guess, evolving-- Multitasking. Yeah. We're multitasking and evolving. Before we get started on the common myths of feline practice and feline medicine, I just wanted to say happy veterinary technician week to Ellen. We couldn't do all that we do without special technicians like her. For those of you who don't know, technicians are the unsung heroes of the veterinary profession. They are the person who's really-- I mean, the doctors are paying attention to the patients as well, but the veterinary technicians are really on top of their patients. They're monitoring every step of the way, they're making sure that the cats are having their cat needs met while they're in the hospital. They do everything between anesthesia to dentistry to phlebotomy to-- management, radiology, I-131, you name it. Basically, what we cannot do is cannot diagnose, make a prognosis, perform surgery, and prescribe medication. That's what we cannot do. That's what I can do That's why we work all together. That's what a doctor can do. Doctors need to do doctors' work, technicians need to do the technical aspect to make sure that the patients get the quality of care that they absolutely deserve. So it really truly is teamwork [...]

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Welcome Doctor Bazemore Hi, everybody . Welcome back. I'm Dr. Erica Barron and this is our newest vet here at the clinic. This is Dr. Kristina Bazemore. She's really, really nice. You guys are really going to like her. So Ellen had to leave because her daughter isn't feeling well. So I thought we'd just take a couple minutes so you could meet Dr. Bazemore and you could ask her any questions you have. I have a couple but feel free to jump in and ask your questions too. We also have this kitten named Mouse. Mouse say, "Hi " She likes Dr. Bazemore's laugh a lot so that's how it is. Hello? All right. So, Dr. Bazemore, where are you from? I am from Washington DC, born and raised. I went to public school here and then, attended veterinary school at Virginia Tech. Go, Hokies. Hokies ! All right. Hokies are fun . All right. What is your favorite type of cat? Well, I don't have a specific favorite type of cat but I do love Brown Tabby patterns so any of your breeds in Brown Tabby, I love them. It's always good that we all have different cats we like. Hi, Sophie! You wanted to ask us about FIP in cats? Okay. Hold on just a sec. We're going to go through the rest of these questions and then, we will talk about FIP. Feel free to put your question in the comments, though, and then, we'll circle back to that if that's okay. All right, Dr. Bazemore, what are your hobbies? Well, I like to sing. Well, I didn't get a chance to this summer. I like to go bike riding. The weather's been [...]

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Update: Advise For Halloween And Your Cat

This is an update from a few years ago. Don’t we all love Halloween?  It is so much fun, but we need to be careful for our cats. Some candy can be toxic to cats.  How can something so wonderful be dangerous? Chocolate especially the darker types is toxic to cats.  Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine. When ingested, these two ingredients can lead to various medical complications and may even prove fatal for your cat. The artificial sweetener, xylitol is also toxic to cats. The ingestion of xylitol primarily affects insulin release throughout the body. Xylitol causes the release of insulin from the pancreas into circulation leading to a rapid decrease of blood glucose levels. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can occur within 30 to 60 minutes of xylitol ingestion. This hypoglycemia can lead to liver toxicity, liver damage, and ultimately liver failure. Xylitol is perfectly safe for people, but because of different metabolisms, it can be fatal for dogs and cats. So be careful to not let candy be lying around or fall out of your trick or treat bag Clikc here for a link to the ASPCA hotline Some cats love to play and then eat dangling decorations.  Just make sure the decorations are out of reach. Vomiting is the most common sign of foreign bodies.  We want to be sure you do not spend the holiday in the emergency room. Although we think of this more during the winter holidays, there are those of us who go all out for Halloween too. Be sure and stop by the clinic to see the decorations in effect. If you have outdoor cats, you may want to consider limiting their outdoor time during this period.  This is [...]

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Coffee Talk Is Back-Kitten Version Hi, everybody. We're back. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Coffee Talk. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and today we're going to talk about kittens. Is it working over there, Ellen? It still says checking connection. We're getting there. We're getting there. So Instagram will join us in a minute, hopefully soon. Today we're going to talk about what you should have during a kitten exam, your first exam. So the first thing you need is a kitten. So we're going to start with a kitten. And I don't know if you have met this kitten before, but he's a little famous. His name is Francis. Hi Francis. Oh, he's the cutest little [inaudible]. He's so cute. He had his vaccines today, so he's a little sad. He's very sad. He's a very small kitten. He's 10 weeks on. How big should he be? He should be well over 2 pounds by now. He just hit a pound and a half. He just hit a pound and a half. He's a little man. So the first thing you need is a kitten at a kitten exam. He's a kitten. One of the things we like you to bring on a kitten exam is a fecal sample because most kittens have intestinal parasites. It's okay if they have intestinal parasites because we can treat them. We just need to know which ones they have because there's not one anthelmintic that kills everything. Because if there was that would make our lives easy. But then it would actually make our lives difficult because then the bugs would become resistant to whatever we gave them and we'd have to choose something else. Hi from Seattle, it's nice to [...]

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Will You Help Us Be Greener?

Will You Help Us Be Greener? We would love your help to reduce our carbon footprint. The team will review your ideas and we will vote for the best suggestion. The winner will get a credit for a wellness examination for their cat.  Entrees do not need to be from the Washington, DC metro, but must be over 18 to enter.  However, if you do not live in the DMV it may be challenging to collect your prize. If you are not a current client, the prize includes a house call if you are with in 5 miles from 3838 Cathedral Lane - Arlington, VA 22203. Team members will have a separate contest, and we will post the winner and runners up next month.  The deadline for submission is Sept. 18. Click here to send us your suggestions. We would like to let you know what have already done. The move to 3838 Cathedral from 923 N Kenmore has helped us reduce our footprint. Obviously going from a 100-year-old house to a mid-century remodel is going to have technology improvements. For starters we have double paned windows and better insulation. The new building is double the older space, but our power bills have remained the same because of the efficiency. Better plumbing has decreased our plumbing bill to a quarter of what it was in the older building. Our team members try to use mass transit, cycle or walk to work. That is not a change from the older building, and something we will continue to do. To make using Metro easier for Team Members we do offer SMART benefits.  We do now have a bike rack in the front of 3838 Cathedral. We have [...]

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Welcome Our New Veterinarian – Kristina Bazemore, DVM

We want to welcome Dr Kristina Bazemore to NOVA Cat Clinic. Dr. Bazemore is a native of Washington, DC. She attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Bazemore started out as a veterinary technician assistant in both a small animal and feline only practice before becoming a veterinarian.  She has worked in feline only practices since graduating vet school in 2005. Dr. Bazemore’s areas of passion include senior/geriatric care, nutrition, preventive care, behavior issues and dental care. Dr. Bazemore grew up having all types of animals as pets and loved them all. She knew in junior high school that she wanted to turn her interests in and love for animals into a career. It wasn’t until veterinary school while working a summer job at a feline only practice that Dr. Bazemore discovered she only wanted to practice feline medicine. Dr. Bazemore was adopted by one loveable, sassy cat named TarJay at her previous practice. She also has a tank of misfit fish consisting of one arowana and four blood parrot fish. When Dr. Bazemore is not working, she enjoys singing, bicycle riding, roller skating and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Bazemore is very excited to join the Nova Cat Clinic family and eager to meet our clients and patients.  

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How Can I Get My Cat To The Vet?

How Can I Get My Cat To The Vet? Dr Barron and Ellen's coffee talk is back All right. Hi everybody, we're back. Ta-da. Anyway, my name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is our head technician at Nova Cat Clinic, Ellen Carozza. And I am back from maternity leave. So we are back to doing our coffee with cats stuff, our discussions. And, today, we're going to talk about something that makes our lives easier when you do it. And it makes your lives easier when you do it. And your cat will be happy. So we're going to talk about how to successfully start a cat vet-visit at home. That was kind of hard to say. You mean to get your cat to the vet clinic at home? Yeah. We have to start for success by starting at home. At home. To get the cat to the vet clinic. That's what I'm trying to say [laughter]. I have an infant, so I'm a little tired. So we're just going to put it out there. So I'm sorry ahead of time. Anyway, whenever I think of the best ways to get your cat to the vet, I always think of two people. I think of Dr. Ilona Rodan and I think of Samantha Martin. Samantha Martin's with the Amazing Acro-Cats. And both of them really talk about how to train your cat to get into a carrier. In fact, Dr. Rodan has many pictures in her book, and throughout her websites and things like that, with just how the cat carriers just live out, not in the closet. They're always just out. And the cats sort of treat them kind of like dogs [...]

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