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Does Your Cat Have Kidney Disease and Anemia?

NOVA Cat Clinic is participating in a study to help cats with kidney disease and anemia. If you cat has this condition, please contact us to learn how your cat can be enrolled.  Your cat will be helping millions of other cats benefit from this new drug.  In addition, you and your cat will be compensated. The kidneys are the body’s filter, but do many other things.  Kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin.  This hormone tells the bone marrow to make red blood cells.  When this stops, cats become anemic.  This is a very serious condition and can result in death.  Currently human type medications are used for cats.  Unfortunately, approximately 30% of cats develop antibodies to the human component of the hormone.  When this happens the medication stops working.  With the new feline version of the hormone, this will not happen.  All cats will receive the medication.  This study is to determine dosing.  Safety and efficacy studies have been performed.  After this study, the drug results will be submitted to the FDA. If you feel that your cats may qualify for this study, please call us at (703) 525-1995 or email office@ for more information.

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What’s Up At NOVA Cat Clinic and Dental Contest Winner

We wanted to give you updates on what is happening at NOVA Cat Clinic. We also want to let you know about our dental contest STUDIES NOVA Cat Clinic will be participating in a couple of veterinary studies.  One is a study for cats with kidney disease.  The medication is to help kidney cats with anemia.  If you are interested in participating or learning more please email and put KIDNEY in the subject. The second study is to help itchy cats.  It you have an itchy cat and are interested in learning more please email and  put ITHCY in the subject.  WELLNESS We hope to have our kitten wellness program ready to start in early April.  We will be sun setting our loyalty program.  MEOW DC    NOVA Cat Clinic will be at MEOW DC, April 27, 2019 at Union Market.  To learn more about MEOW DC click here Washingtonian Magazine is also holding a Cutest Cat Contest.  There is a $30 entry fee.  To learn more click here.  DENTAL CONTEST Thanks to all that participated.  30% of respondents answered all of the questions correctly.  The winner gets a free dental cleaning for her cat. The other contestants who answered correctly will get one of our new NOVA Cat Clinic eco friendly bags.  Here are the answers to the quiz- The correct answers are highlighted in yellow

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Have You Ever Had To Say Good-Bye To Your Cat?

Losing a loved one is one of the most stressful things any person has to endure.  While writing this blog, I encountered the Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale. They list the top 10 stressors that affect people. The number one stressor for adults is the loss of a spouse or child.  In today’s society, our furry friend can be our children.  The loss of our cats can be devastating. They are with us in good times and bad.  There is no judgement. Our friends at South Paws are holding a pet loss group session on March 12, 2019 – Tuesday – 6:30-8:00 PM.  They are partnering with Chris Hawes, a Pyschologist and Certified Grief Counselor. For more information or to RSVP contact Kelly McLeod, a certified pet bereavement counselor – South Paws Bereavement Session

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Changes in Virginia Drug Laws – Update

We have discussed the changes in a previous post. Here is a link. Synopsis As of July 1, 2018, veterinarians are allowed to prescribe 7 days of opioid pain medication and/or Gabapentin. After that, the medication needs to be called into a pharmacy to be filled. This can happen with our online pharmacy. All information will go into the national Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) New regulation After the initial exam and prescription, your cat needs to return to the clinic to be assessed. The next exam needs to happen in 14 days. Once they have been rechecked, we can issues refills up to 6 months . We will re examine your cat in 6 months to issue refills As with any new regulations, there is a learning curve. So , we are striving to make sure we are following the letter of the law and helping with understanding of the new regulation. Our team will be asking about medication history at the beginning of the appointment. We will pay special attention to the pain medications. We hope to keep your cats pain free. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

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Does My Indoor Only Cat Need To Be On Heartworm Preventative? – Update

As with everything in medicine and science, new data becomes available and recommendations evolve.  The need for heartworm and parasite prevention has become even more apparent.  Even "indoor-only" cats need to be protected With permission Dr Cathy Lund - City Kitty Providence, RI All cats need to be on preventive.  Heartworm disease is very challenging to diagnose pre-mortem in cats.  Furthermore there is no effective treatment for cats. Mosquitoes are everywhere and can become active in weather as cold as 40F (4.5C).  A new development is that it has been recognized that cats DO get Lyme Disease.  Ticks are especially hard to repeal and kill for cats.  Many of the anti-tick products are toxic to cats. Fortunately as early as April, there will be Revolution Plus.  This product is the same as Revolution but it now has a Sarolaner.  This is in the  isoxazoline class of drugs which kills ticks. To learn more about Revolution Plus click here This class of drug can be an issue for cats that have seizures.  It is not recommended for them. Click here for more information about heartworm disease. With Permission Dr Cathy Lund - City Kitty Providence, RI Prevention for your cat is easy.  Not only does this protect your cat, it protects your family.   My "indoor-only" cat is on Revolution. I could not imagine not having him protected.

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Would You Like Your Cats’ Food Shipped To You?

Who doesn’t love the convenience of online shopping? You shop when it works for you and it comes to your front door.  Every day is like your birthday.  Hill’s Pet Nutrition has started a direct delivery service.  The food goes directly from their warehouse near BWI to your door. On the approval end from the doctors, it is much more streamlined than other third party services.  The Hill's web site integrates with our veterinary software.  Other services send us faxes and those are posted for the doctors to approve.  The Hill’s system is completely digital. They offer a discount on your first purchase and no shipping charges if you chose Autoship.  You select the time interval for when you want the diet to arrive.  All purchases are guaranteed, and your money will be refunded if you (or your cat) are not happy with the diet . Just send us an email to request a diet. You must be an active client to participate. Royal Canin has partnered with Vet’s First Choice, our online pharmacy.  Their web site also integrates with our software.  They offer a discount which makes this one of the least expensive places to purchase diet.  There is no shipping charge with Autoship.  The process is completely digital. If you are interested in getting started with Royal Canin, here is a link. You must be an active client to participate. Vet’s First Choice is the only online pharmacy that we use.  We will give you a written prescription if you wish to use another pharmacy.   Here is a link to a previous blog that explains. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. 

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Dental Health Month Plans and Quiz Contest

Dental Health Month  Plans and Quiz Contest      This year NOVA Cat Clinic has decided to add another program to our usually Dental Quiz. We are offering Dental Plans to help our furloughed federal workers budget their furry friends dental care.  The plan extends the pay period for dental cleaning and possible extractions over a 6 month period.  If you veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning, your cat can be prepared with an ECG and blood work.  The day of the procedure you make your first payment and then 5 more payments monthly. Price do vary but should range from $97 - $208/month.  The amount will depend on your cat’s age and need for oral surgery. We are happy to explain the plan. Please feel free to ask us for details. We have a different plan option for new clients. We have run a quiz contest annually. The prize is a free dental cleaning and radiographs. Oral surgery and pain management are not included.  Follow this link to enter.  Those who answer all the questions correctly will be put into a drawing.

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Making Difficult Decisions For Your Uncooperative Cat

Meet Cosmo                 Growing up, I always wanted a big orange male cat.  And then, the summer before I started veterinary college, a litter of newborn kittens fell in to my lap with a little orange boy.  I did not even name them at first, I was so nervous they were all going to pass away.  They had fleas, and I truly did not know what I was doing.  At one point during that summer, between taking care of them at night and working, I fell asleep on the couch. Lo and behold, that little orange kitten crawled up to me and fell asleep in the crook of my neck.  It was like we chose each other.  In fact, he has a baby book. Socializing kittens                 Since he was a bottle baby, and I did not know what I was doing, he was not well socialized after he left his sisters at 6 weeks to join me in Columbus at school.  Although Cosmo is the most wonderful cat to his immediate family, the warmth does not extend past about 5 people in the universe.  He is extremely fearful, and sounds like a velociraptor when I bring him to work.  Fear and Arousal Cat like humans react differently to fear. When we are in stressful, fear evoking situations the amygdala part of our brain is aroused.  Some of use act like a “deer in the head lights”.  Others will fraternize to hopeful get a positive outcome. Others like my Cosmo lash out.  The goal is to “get you” before you get me then I can run and hide to safety.  All are normal fear reactions, but some allow for easier veterinary care.  Cosmo is a [...]

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Survey Drawing Winner And Results

Survey Drawing Winner and Results Happy New Year everyone.  Elizabeth DeBold is the winner of our random drawing.  Thanks to everyone for their time and opinions.  We love to hear from you and try to change our services according to your needs. Here are the results from our survey We have add a few early morning appointments and are not planning to add any more.     It appears that the evening hours are more popular.  We will discuss adding a later evening hour later this year. Saturdays do continue to be our most popular day for wellness.  Therefore, we will discuss adding hours in the afternoon while maintaining quality of care. NOVA Cat Clinic will be discontinuing our Loyalty Program. We are working with consultants on implementing wellness plans. We will mostly like start with kitten wellness, and perhaps Dental Wellness for Dental Health Month. Keep in mind the wellness plans are NOT insurance. They are designed to help with monthly budgeting. Here are some answers to your questions 1. I think it would be interesting to learn of the cat population of your practice. Breeds, Average age, Spay/Neuter percentage. That is a great question. We will work with our software to see if we can get those answers. 2. Feline CPR/First Aid. There are some online courses that may answer this question. Here is a link to the Cornell course click here. 3.I come to the clinic from Maryland because you’re the ones I trust. I have tried multiple clinics in my area and they don’t compare. Have you considered an MD Cat Clinic location? No plans to move into Maryland at this time. 4. Lessons on how to get a cat into [...]

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Changes At NOVA Cat Clinic in 2019

Changes At NOVA Cat Clinic in 2019 These are changes we are working on from the survey answers. If you would like to add comments please click here First, we will be discontinuing our Loyalty Program. In its place we will have wellness plans. We are targeting  Feb-March 2019. We are planning on holding semi-annual Happy Hour/Open Houses Here are some photos from our first Happy Hour/Open House in December, 2018 We are considering expanding some evening hours and potentially Saturday. Here are some answers to more of your questions. Potassium gluconate, pay online/ahead for fluids + fast casual style takeaway We are working with our bank on a method that you could pay in advance on line. 2. Cat grooming Cat sitting referrals/directory We are working on having both a digital and print directory 3. At home exams for those kitties who get very upset and anxious by a trip to the vet. We do offer limited house calls and can refer you to a house call veterinarian if needed. 4. Do you still do boarding? Our trusty house sitter had the nerve to get another job and she moved (we are kidding - mostly :-) so we may be looking into boarding our kitties if we travel In answer to that question, we do offer limited boarding and it fills up fast during the summer and holidays. Cats must be current on examinations and vaccines Thank you for your responses and comments.  We are committed to providing your cat the best health care possible and you the best customer service.        

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