Why Does My Cat Act Up At The Veterinarian?

Why Does My Cat Act Up At The Veterinarian? My cat is not like this at home. Why does (s)he act up at the veterinarian. One of the first things to remember is that there is no such thing as a “bad cat” just an afraid one. You read correctly – no “bad cats” just afraid. So put yourself in side of your cat’s head. (not easy to think like a cat). You are the master of your territory. You LOVE your territory and guard it from others. You are comfortable in your territory and know where it is safe. The next thing you know you are in box and arrive at a completely new and foreign place. So imaging yourself being taken from your safe and familiar confines and ending up in the Amazon where you do not speak the language or know the customs. Even a minor experience of going to a party where you do not know anyone can be stressful. So now you are a cat, in a box and transported to a strange new land. Pretty scary? What can we do to make this better? One thing is to leave out the carrier on a regular bases. This serves to make “the box” familiar and part of your territory. Even consider taking your cat for car trips on occasion. So now you have arrived at the veterinarian. New unfamiliar territory. What’s next? We try to allow your cat time to acclimate. They are NOT dumped from the carrier. The door is opened and they are allowed to come and visit if they would like. They can also remain in the carrier. When the doctor exams them it can be done [...]

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Costume Contest Winner

WOW What a great contest!!! So many amazing costumes and contestants. Thanks to everyone for entering and for voting.  Drum roll!!!! Our winner is Cotton the Lion King.  Cotton is an amazing guy.  We should all congratulate him and his family. Our second place contest is Sheriff Monpie.  Another great costume. Sheriff Moonpie Third place goes to Rocky the Magician's rabbit Thanks to everyone who entered.  Getting a good cat picture is amazingly challenging.  To get them in costume almost impossible Be on  the look out for more contest in the future.  We look forward to seeing you at our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane - Arlington, VA 22203

We Have Moved to 3838 CAThedral Lane and Want To Hear From You.

NOVA Cat Clinic has finally moved into our new home at 3838 Cathedral Lane. It does seem appropriate that our new address has the work Cat in it. We have directions in a previous post click here. We want to thank all the hard working people who made this happen. Our architect LAB, Inc. Our project manager Ross Spivak    Our contractor Turner Construction.  We hope you love the new space as much as we do. We want to continue to provide you and your feline friends the most “Cat-Friendly” care possible. In celebrating the move, we would love to hear from you.  For your time, we will enter you in a drawing December 1, 2017 for the chance to win $100 in services.  Click here   

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The Move Is Upon Us

The move to 3838 Cathedral Lane is happening!!! Do you like Emme and Buddy's new cat furniture? We hope they do!!! Now for some details Surgery and procedures will be at 3838 Cathedral Lane on Thursday (10/26/17) and Friday (10/27/17). Appointments will continue at 923 N Kenmore St until Saturday (10/28/17).  We will start seeing patients for appointments on Saturday, 10/18/17.  All services will be provide on Saturday.  We will not have food available unless you pre-order it.  All products will be available on Monday 10/30/17. So hopefully we can provide an FAQ to help answer any questions Will the phone number , fax number, and the email addresses stay the same?  YES - all communication will stay the same. How far is the new location from the old location?  1 mile or 5 minutes (depending on traffic) (Map provided to help)                         Will parking be easier?  YES - We have a much larger NOT shared parking lot Where exactly is 3838 Cathedral Lane?  It is at the intersection of Glebe Road and US Route 50.  If you are come from the North, make a right after the Dunkin Donuts and before the McDonalds.  The clinic is the next building on the left after the McDonalds. If you are coming from South Arlington, DC, Falls Church, or Alexandria you will get on Glebe Road heading north.  The McDonalds will be on your left.  Make a left turn before the Dunkin Donuts.  If you see Mr Wash on your right you have gone to far.                     What route would you recommend when I leave?  If you [...]

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What Is Feral Cat Day?

Hi, everybody. Welcome back. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and this is our head technician here at Nova Cat Clinic, Ellen Carozza. And we're going to chat with you about cats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below this video and we'll try to do our best to answer them. We might just look at each other and say, "You got to go to the vet." But we'll do our best. Today we're going to talk to you about National Feral Cat Day. We're not going to be able to have a coffee talk next week because Ellen is going to the American Association of Feline Practitioners meeting. And she's presenting, which is quite exciting. And she's going to rock it. She's going to talk about pediatrics because that's what she does a lot of. In case you don't know Ellen, she's actually a mother of kittens. So she's going to talk to people about that. But we thought it would be a good time for us to talk to you about feral cats since we won't be here next week to do that. So Ellen, why don't you explain to everybody what a feral cat is. A feral cat, technically, is an outdoor cat that you can not handle. You can have an outdoor, friendly cat. That is not a feral cat. A feral cat truly does not want to be handled by human beings. It will share the same space as you, they will accept food from you, they will accept shelter from you, but they do have a very set boundary that they want you to respect. Yes. That's a great way to explain, because I think a [...]

Moving Delays And October Photo Contest To Celebrate The Move

If at first you don't succeed.  Try, try again.  We hope to have our surgical and dental services moved to 3838 Cathedral Lane October 26, 2017.  The rest of the team should be in our new location October 30, 2017   Happy October everyone! Does your kitty cat companion have the one costume that rules them all? Show them off! We're thrilled to host a photo contest and gift giveaway with a Halloween theme. To enter the photo contest submit a photo of your cat(s) in their Halloween costume between October 4th and October 18th then return with all your cat's fans and followers to vote for them from October 19th through the 31st. The winner of the photo contest will be decided by popular vote on the evening on the 31st, and announced November 1st. Our cutest/spookiest winner will have their photo framed and put up in the lobby of our clinic for all to love and admire.  Click here to enter

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Join Us For Pints 4 Paws

Fall is in the air and nothing better than celebrating with your friends. If you did not make last years "Pints 4 Paws", you will get your chance on October 15, 2017. This was a great event last year and we hope to see you there.  Proceed will go to help the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWL) . Click here to learn more and purchase tickets.  

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Have You Ever Been To A Cat Circus?

I am not sure about your home, but there are many times mine feels like a "cat circus". If you have never been to a cat circus, you will have your chance Oct 5-9.  The amazing Acro-Cats will be at the Next Stop Theatre in Herndon, VA.  Click here for directions The Acro-Cats are partnering with our very own Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (CGMFF).  The Acro-Cats partner with other Feline related charities as they tour the United States. The Acro-Cats were featured in Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post. They have also appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert and the CBS Sunday Morning Show. To learn more about them and to purchase tickets click here.  If you would like to volunteer click here. Hope to see you there.  

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How Can I Help The Animal Victims Of Harvey and Irma?

All of us have been watching Mother Nature at work with horror. We want to be able to help our friends, family, and their pets in Florida and Texas.  One thing to remember is to not forget that there will be need weeks and months from now.  So of course donate now, but think about donating later this year and early next year 2018. I saw this first hand when I went to New Orleans post Katrina. I worked with Alley Cat Allies helping shelter and return cats back to their owners. The need did not stop 1 month after the storm. Most of the rescue groups are requesting funds and not blankets, cat litter, or food at this time.  Keep your eyes and ears open if the requests do change, but at this time cash donations are greatly appreciated. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is issuing grants to veterinarians who are taking care of displaced animals. For veterinarians, Texas is offering temporary licenses for those that want to help. Click here for more information If you would like to make a donation to support this work use AVMF Code: “Disaster Relief” when completing the donation form. If you wish to support the many other AVMF programs that help veterinarians help animals, please visit The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) is another organization to consider sending your donations. The Veterinary Information Network Foundation (VIN) is taking donations that will be going directly to the TVMF. This is a first hand account from a good friend of mine in Houston. "Just getting home. It’s a huge mess. It will take Houston years to recover from this. Apparently estimated to be a 2 billion dollar rebuild. [...]

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When Is Your Move?

The day is getting closer and closer.  There are a few moving parts and the main one is our Certificate of Occupancy.  We started with over 150 conditions and are down to 4. We hope that you love our new facility as much as we do.  We should have sedated and anesthetic procedures at 3838 Cathedral Lane by September 20, 2018.  The rest of the clinic should leave 923 N Kenmore and be at 3838 Cathedral Lane by September 25, 2017. One of the issues that will be resolved is parking.  We have 15 spaces as opposed to the 6 currently. We will keep you post and here are some photos below of 3838 Cathedral.  Thank you for all of your support. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

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