Does My Cat Need Teeth Cleaning? Hi, everybody. Welcome back. We're here at Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia. My name's Dr. Erica Barron. And this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician. She's better, but she had pneumonia. So her voice isn't very strong. So we're going to do the best we can. Right? Sure can. Sure can. So today, since it's dental health month, we're not drinking coffee or tea because we're in our dental suite. And we don't drink coffee and tea in here, though I really would like a cup of tea right now. So we're just going to talk you through, kind of show you what we do, during a dental-- without a cat. Because we're done with those already today. We did a good job and we finished them. So the first thing we do when a cat comes in for a dental is we do a pre-op exam. So we listen to them really well. We make sure they look like they're bright, alert, and responsive. They're happy and healthy. And then, Ellen sedates them. And she's very good at that. And if she's not here then I sedate them. I'm good at that, too. But she's better. Because she does this special hold and she hugs them very tightly [laughter]. Do you want to talk about how you pre-medicate the cats? Well, basically the sedation that we use is a type of anesthesia. We're not putting them under a deep plane of anesthesia just yet. They're under a lighter plane of anesthesia so we can simply get an IV catheter in place and take any kind of necessary dental x-rays, which every single patient that we do dentistry on gets pre-- x-rays before we [...]

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Does Your Cat Have Allergies? Hi everybody, welcome back. I'm Dr. Erica Barron, and I'm here in NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia. I know I usually have Ellen with me, but Ellen has pneumonia, and she has no voice. So it would not do you any good. But we had a couple of requests just for us to talk about feline allergies. So I was going to talk to you just for a couple of minutes about that. So feel free to ask any questions. If you're online or if you want us to talk about something else about your cat, we're happy to answer questions. But remember we're very good at saying, "Ah, we're not sure you might want to go to the vet to check that out." So real fast, feline allergies don't necessarily look like human allergies or dog allergies because they're not dogs and they're not humans. One of the things that I often see with feline allergies is sometimes they'll start to sniffle just like people, but a lot of times they start having some debris in their ears, or you'll notice some excoriations around their ears, or scratching around their ears. And sometimes they have pinpoint dermatitis. It almost looks like blackheads. It can happen in their chins. Sometimes, it happens in their ventral abdomen or their lower abdomen. And sometimes, it happens in their feet. Once in a while, when it happens in their feet, I always worry if they're having a contact dermatitis or something to their litter. That's not common, but it's something to think about. So those are the things that you usually see.  It can get so severe that they get secondary asthma, and they can get [...]

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Meet Our New Doctors

Meet Our New Veterinarians With the move from 923 N Kenmore to 3838 Cathedral Lane, there have been lots of changes.  Some of these changes include new veterinarians and the return of some old friends. Dr Erica Barron will be on maternity leave so some of the veterinarians will be here  part-time. Sam Gilbert, VMD  Dr Gilbert will be working with us during the week. He will be primarily doing surgeries and urgent care. This will help us be able to expand these services to you. Dr. Sam Gilbert earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania. He stayed on at Penn, where he earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. After veterinary school, Dr. Gilbert completed a one-year small animal rotating internship at Hope Advanced Veterinary Center in Vienna, VA. He also had an additional year of surgical training.  Originally from Vienna, he now lives in Arlington, VA, with his wife, Annie, and their cat Calvin.   Tyler Anderson, DVM Dr Anderson has been working with us on Saturdays.  He has helped us expanded our Saturday hours.  He does not work with us during the week. Dr. Anderson was born in San Diego, CA but he has lived in Arlington, VA since attending Yorktown High School. He wanted to be a veterinarian at an early age and worked at McLean Animal Hospital as a kennel assistant to gain experience in the field. His interests include ultrasound, cardiology, and rehabilitation. Dr. Anderson attended Marist College and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA. He came back to practice at McLean Animal Hospital upon graduation. He developed a special interest in imaging and now [...]

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Do Your Cats Fight After Veterinary Visits? Hi, everybody. Happy Tuesday. We're back with Coffee Talk. My name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head LVT here at NOVA Cat Clinic. And today we're going to talk to you all about sibling issues or roommate issues because they're not always actually . Especially coming back from the vet's office, and one of them leaves the house, which is a major stressor, comes here, and then returns home. And then suddenly, your two cats aren't getting along anymore. Well, what do we do? Yeah, they smell different because remember, cats really care about the way things smell way more than we do. So we have to be careful when they start to smell different because they're like, "I don't know if I recognize you. You smell different." It's hard. It's hard. So one of my tricks - it doesn't work for everybody, but works for some people - is when you get home, you put a dab of vanilla extract on their heads and on the base of their tails. And then I feel like it resets a lot of them, and then they don't have this issue. I usually recommend that if you do have any type of sibling issues or roommate issues, or whatever you want to call your two cats, or three cats, or four cats, that when you bring one home and it hasn't been around everybody for a bit, then keep him in a separate room for a little bit just to kind of let him cool off. Maybe they didn't like it when they gave us blood today. Maybe they need to take five minutes and think about it and just calm [...]

A Good Samaritan and Magnus Need Your Help

Happy New Year everyone. This year has started a little colder than normal. The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (CGMFF) has started helping at risk kittens this year and will be giving you information about our newest kitten, Chatsworth in the upcoming weeks. Magnus is not a kitten, but a Good Samaritan brought him to NOVA Cat Clinic . He was near death with a body temperature of 92F. 100F is normal for cats. He was treated at the clinic using the foundation’s incubator along with supportive care. The Good Samaritan has taken him home and is nursing him back to health. The CGMFF is working to off set his veterinary bills and would appreciate anything you could donate to help. Please click here or send a check to: Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation - 3838 Cathedral Lane -  Arlington, VA 22203   Here is the story in the words of the good Samaritan My heart sank this morning. A neighbor knocked on my door asking me if all of my cats were okay. He there was a cat sitting on top of one of his truck's tires and won't move. I found this poor boy. Even with the truck running he refused to move from the tire/wheel well. He is very underweight. His sinus is overflowing with infection. He doesn't move much. He is filthy and smells like a barnyard. He also has an ear tip, so he's a neighborhood feral I've not seen before. Though seen with food here, he refused to eat or drink. He was out in the single digit cold stretch we've had. Many days in a row of night lows between 3 - 9°F. I'm surprised he's made it [...]

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Can Essential Oils Harm My Cat? Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Coffee Talk with-- I'm Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician here at NOVA Cat Clinic. Well, Happy New Year! We haven't been-- It's a new year! --here in a while. We've been working very hard. We just haven't had a chance to chat with you, so sorry about that. But feel free to interrupt us at any time again. We are in Arlington, Virginia. So if we can help you in person, just let us know. Otherwise, we're going to have a very quick talk today about essential oils and other alternative treatments that you can get for your own cats at home, and what we think about them. So real fast, Ellen, do you like using essential oils yourself? Myself, I love the smell of scented soaps and candles and everything like that. But I had exotic pets in my home such as parrots, etc., and essential oils basically are a big no-no when it comes to using essential oils, because they're really sensitive to essential oils, depending upon is it an artificial essential oil, is it a natural essential oil, or is it like Teflon, all that other kind of stuff. Because they're-- Teflon is deadly. Deadly to birds. Deadly to birds. Don't use it. You will kill them like that. And they have super sensitive respiratory tracts. And so recently we got a message on our Facebook page asking us to discuss essential oils because apparently there's some story going around that some cat got really sick about essential oils, and what's our view on essential oils, etc. And well, a lot of it boils down to common sense. Yeah. So [...]

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The Evolution of 3838 Cathedral Lane to the New NOVA Cat Clinic

The Evolution of 3838 Cathedral Lane to the New NOVA Cat Clinic   We hope everyone is enjoying our new space as much as we are. This has been a long journey with a few hiccups along the way. The transformation began with the rebranding of the former Capital Cat Clinic to NOVA Cat Clinic. We do not want to bore you with the details, but want to bring to your attention the many meanings of Nova. We would assume that most would guess that NOVA stands for Northern Virginia. Nova also mean New in Portuguese (Dr Brown’s first language). We cannot forget that a Nova is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently "new" star, that slowly fades over several weeks or many months. Finally Nova is a wonderful PBS science series. We would like to share the transformation of 3838 Cathedral from an empty office building in 2012 to NOVA Cat Clinic in 2017. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your furry friends . Original building 2012               Interior 2012                 NOVA Cat Clinic 2017

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The Best of 2017 NOVA Cat Clinic Instagram

What a tremendous year it’s been for NOVA Cat Clinic. From the revitalization of our Instagram in the spring - currently orchestrated by our veterinary assistants Sara & Sophie (Sophie speaking, hello!) - donating HUNDREDS of pounds of food to the DC Humane Rescue Alliance over the summer, solidifying our Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation independent 501(c)3 in the fall, and moving to our new building on Cathedral Lane this winter we are extraordinarily proud of all that we have accomplished in 2017. Our kitten foundation, run by our very own mother of cats Ellen LVT (@thecatlvt), rescued and cared for 44 critical care kittens this year alone! For many of the kittens, Ellen achieved what can only be described as miracles. From differently-abled (paraplegic) Dory, Dakota aka Princess Poops (unable to control her bowel movements), Stevie the eyeless wonder, Remi the vampire kitten (neonate blood transfusion recipient), the several litters of c-section kittens that Ellen expertly helped adapt to life in their new world, and many more - every single life deserved a chance. We are so incredibly grateful to all those who donated to charity over the year, for the Amazing Acrocats who helped raise money while they were performing at NextStop Theater in Herndon, and to Melissa Lew (@mlewjewelry) for designing jewelry for our kitten foundation. To everyone who donated, no matter how small, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every single penny makes a difference for the critical neonates in our care. With a fully functional 501(c)3, an expanded network of foster homes, and broadened connections with other local rescue organizations we are eager to help even more kittens in 2018. Over the year our doctors cared for cases [...]

How Do I Teach My Cat To Not Scratch My Furniture?

Let's start with the fact that scratching is a normal feline behavior.  Our furry friends scratch to help groom their claws and eliminate dead sheaths.  They also using scratching to help "mark" their territory. Although a natural behavior for most people, this may be considered undesirable.  Well, do not fear, there are many methods to help train your cat to use a scratching post instead.  We cat parents can also help our cats groom their claws.  This start with trimming their nails.  We recommend starting this procedure early in life.  Some cats do not like having their feet touch and may object.  In these situations, you may want to try one paw at a time when your cat is asleep.  Another option is to take your cat to a veterinarian or groomer and have them trim the nails for you. Soft Paws are also another method to help decrease damage.  These are plastic nail caps that are glued on the nails.  The nails should be trimmed first and then the Soft Paws applied.  This is probably best done as a 2 person task.  To learn more about Soft Paws click here There is a new and exciting product that has  been released here in the United States. Feliscratch This product has the pheromone that is in your cat's paws.  They recognize this as the place where they mark with scratching.  This works with both color and smell.  One starts using it daily on the desired scratching area for a week.  Once your cat has learned the desired location, the applications decrease to once weekly.  To learn more click here. Another great product to use is Feliway spray.  When cats smell this, they mark with [...]

3838 Cathedral Lane Survey Says

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our survey. We also received suggestions to help improve our services to you and your cats. Your feedback helps us to meet you and your cats needs. Congratulations to Alison Brooks. She is the winner of the drawing. We are working to continue hiring the most cat-friendly team possible. We will keep you informed as we add new times and services. Extended Saturday hours is the service most in demand. We will work to phase in longer Saturday hours.         Saturday procedure will happen afterwards. We are planning on introducing wellness plans in 2018. These are request from your surveys Will there be an open house at new digs?! Yes in the Spring of 2018 House calls? We do limited house calls on Thursday and Friday afternoons. These are available in VA, DC, and MD. Dr Brown will have more availability at 3838 Cathedral so we will not be able to expand house calls. Do you already do acupuncture? Dr Barron is certified to perform acupuncture. Instead of paying for each visit, commit to a plan with an annual payment that includes a nail trim every 6 weeks. We are planning to offer wellness plans. Emergency contact number for vet on and off hours seems more vets are needed at times, turning people away We are looking into a triage service to help with after hour needs.

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