How Can I Give My Cat Medication?

We get this question all the time.  Every cat is different and we are going to show you one of the easier methods of administering medication.

I hope this help you with your cat.

Hi, everyone. So, tonight we’re going to teach you how to give your cat chronic medications that don’t taste very good. So, a few essential things, one, our empty gelatin capsules. These are going to be your best friend. These are size number four, the smaller the number, the larger the size. We’re going to give Bart two medications. He’s on Plavix, which tastes pretty terrible, and cats really hate it, and enalapril, which is to clot his blood. So, your next best friend is the pill-cutter, and he gets a quarter of each pill once a day.

So, we’re going to quarter these. First, cut them in half, and then we’ll cut them into quarters. And they don’t exactly have to come out exactly perfectly, just try to get it as close as you can. There we go. And now the enalapril and the Plavix, the one that they really, really hate. First, cut it in half, and then, here we go. And then cut this in quarters, and there. So, this is about four days worth of medication. So, we’re going to take the empty gelatin capsules and grab one of the Plavix’s, and one of our enalapril’s, open this guy up and put one in there, and I’m going to put the other one in there. Then cap it, and this takes the taste out of the equation, which is really important.

So, I put the medications in here, and I’ll do a couple of other ones, again, making sure I get one Plavix, one enalapril, open up my gel pack, in they go. The Plavix is a little more challenging to cut than the enalapril’s, so they can be a little bit big. There we go, squeeze it in. I’m going to put the cap on, and there we go. All right, so next, All right, your best friend is going to be the pill pocket. So, you’re going to take these guys and these are a little big, so it’s going to take two pill pockets till Friday. I just kind of make the little, pull it around my gelatin capsule and let’s call our patient.

Come here, Bart. Here’s your medicine. There you go, and it’s easy as pie. Bart has his medicine.  So, I help this has been helpful. Feel free to contact us at the NOVA Cat Clinic 703-525-1955. Have a good day.