Can You Help Save A Cat In Need?

The Patient

Tigresse came to the Chris Griffey Memorial Foundation (CGMFF) because she has an oral condition. Her owners were unable to care for her and she was released to the foundation. She is 4 years old and very sweet.

Her Condition

Her mouth over reacts to the plaque on her teeth. This condition then results in stomatitis (inflammation of the gums, tongue, and mouth). She presented to the clinic because of excessive drooling and halitosis. She is severely underweight. Her blood work reveals that she is anemic and has low albumin. Albumin is a protein and need for growth and healing


The veterinarians at NOVA Cat Clinic diagnosed her with stomatitis. Medical treatment includes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication (steroids). Unfortunately, these have not been successful for her.

The solution is to remove all of her teeth, a full-mouth extraction. Although at first glance this sounds terrible. Most cats respond very well to the treatment. If you think about it, cats do not need their teeth for the foods we feed them. We have seen many cats that have done extremely well with no teeth.

First Attempt

Unfortunately, the first attempt was not successful. Poor Tigresse also has severe inflammation in the back of her mouth. We were not able to intubate her. The current plan is to place her on steroids and try again in a week.


Please donate to help Tigresse with her veterinary care. All funds donated from now until the end of the year will go towards her care.

The CGMFF is able to use over 90% of the money donated to help these poor cats.

All donations are tax deductible since the CGMFF is a 501(c )3 charitable organization. Click here to go the the CGMFF page and donate. 

Thank you for your time and consideration