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Summer Solstice – CGMFF Spring/Summer Newsletter

If you would like to stay in touch with the foundation Sign Up NowFor Email Newsletters you can trust. Kitten Season Kitten season is in full swing here in Arlington, Virginia!  As of May, The Arlington Welfare League’s Kitten Academy has reported over 250 kittens in their foster system already. That’s a LOT of kittens, and many come in quite ill. The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation itself has received over a dozen complicated kitten cases from DMV that needed advanced medical care, and we could not do this without the generous support by our cat loving community. Every dollar helps Your monetary donations help with: Diagnostics for our critical kittensAdvanced hospital careBlood transfusionsVaccinesSpay/neuterMicrochipsAnd much more!! With your help, we are able to lower the mortality rate significantly with the medical care these kittens deserve and have them adopted them out to the FUR-ever homes. You can make a tax deductible donation online click here : OR Prefer sending a check? No problem!   CGMFF 3838Cathedral Lane Arlington, VA 22203 Nice Swag to help the foundation There is new shop that supports the foundation! We have several cute designs of a few of our previous kittens we cared for in the past. We have T-shirts, tote bags, and stickers that have become quite popular, and a portion of the proceeds from the company goes right back to our kittens! Click here Non-monetary donations What if you want to help support the CGMFF but don’t want to give a monetary donation or sport some swag? We can always use supplies! Not only do WE benefit from supplies, but we are able to distribute supplies to foster families that are in need of the basics to help [...]

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How Can Feliway Help My Relationship With My Cat? How Can Feliway Help My Relationship With My Cat? Hi, everybody. Welcome back to coffee talk. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and this is Ellen Carozza our head LBT here at Nova Cat Clinic. And we're in Arlington, Virginia. And we're going to make this short today. But I talk a lot, so it might be long unfortunately because that's how I go. But today we're going to talk to you about our favorite products called Feliway. And there's actually three versions of this. So we're going to talk about what each one is and how we like to use it. So which do you think we should start with? The classic, since it's classic? Why not? This is classic as the first one that actually came out. Yes. This is that when you work in a cat hospital the one you use. Right. FELIWAY CLASSIC Okay. Ellen, tell us, where does Feliway Classic come from on the cat's body? Or where is it supposed to be, the pheromone? Actually, Feliway Classic is called the happy cat pheromone because it comes from the face and the ears or the head of the cat. So when the cat is actually marking territory, marking you, the furniture, walls, etc. those are safe spots. And those are their happy spots that they go ahead and deposit something of their pheromones, like their oils and everything, and they know exactly who's been there by the mark of the oils. And they also know that's a safe spot, they've been there, they feel secure. So that's how Feliway Classic works. Yes. So what we like to do is we'll spray this on towels, kind of air it out. The [...]

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Feline Myths Dispelled We're live. Hi everybody. Welcome back. This is Coffee Talk. And my name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is our head technician, Ellen Carozza, here at NOVA Cat Clinic. Thanks for your patience because we're looking at two different screens, so if you feel like we're not talking deep into your soul because we're not making perfect eye contact, you might be over there with Instagram, and then we might be over here with Facebook. So thank you while we are, I guess, evolving-- Multitasking. Yeah. We're multitasking and evolving. Before we get started on the common myths of feline practice and feline medicine, I just wanted to say happy veterinary technician week to Ellen. We couldn't do all that we do without special technicians like her. For those of you who don't know, technicians are the unsung heroes of the veterinary profession. They are the person who's really-- I mean, the doctors are paying attention to the patients as well, but the veterinary technicians are really on top of their patients. They're monitoring every step of the way, they're making sure that the cats are having their cat needs met while they're in the hospital. They do everything between anesthesia to dentistry to phlebotomy to-- management, radiology, I-131, you name it. Basically, what we cannot do is cannot diagnose, make a prognosis, perform surgery, and prescribe medication. That's what we cannot do. That's what I can do That's why we work all together. That's what a doctor can do. Doctors need to do doctors' work, technicians need to do the technical aspect to make sure that the patients get the quality of care that they absolutely deserve. So it really truly is teamwork [...]

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Coffee Talk Is Back-Kitten Version Hi, everybody. We're back. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Coffee Talk. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and today we're going to talk about kittens. Is it working over there, Ellen? It still says checking connection. We're getting there. We're getting there. So Instagram will join us in a minute, hopefully soon. Today we're going to talk about what you should have during a kitten exam, your first exam. So the first thing you need is a kitten. So we're going to start with a kitten. And I don't know if you have met this kitten before, but he's a little famous. His name is Francis. Hi Francis. Oh, he's the cutest little [inaudible]. He's so cute. He had his vaccines today, so he's a little sad. He's very sad. He's a very small kitten. He's 10 weeks on. How big should he be? He should be well over 2 pounds by now. He just hit a pound and a half. He just hit a pound and a half. He's a little man. So the first thing you need is a kitten at a kitten exam. He's a kitten. One of the things we like you to bring on a kitten exam is a fecal sample because most kittens have intestinal parasites. It's okay if they have intestinal parasites because we can treat them. We just need to know which ones they have because there's not one anthelmintic that kills everything. Because if there was that would make our lives easy. But then it would actually make our lives difficult because then the bugs would become resistant to whatever we gave them and we'd have to choose something else. Hi from Seattle, it's nice to [...]

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How Can I Help Ellen With Homeless Kittens?

Ellen, Benny, and Catego have joined together to help homeless kittens.   I heard about NOVA Cat Clinic in the newspaper. And I remember going through the classified ads and seeing this cat hospital looking for a technician. And it was just a big circle on the page. It came down to the wire of, "Wow. My God, this cat hospital is so amazing. They love the cats. It's quiet." They genuinely knew what they were talking about. It wasn't just preventative medicine. They have a great doctor to staff to patient ratio. And you're around cats all day. And I was like, "I want to work with these cats and I have not heard back from them." And I remember picking up the phone and calling them up and going, "Do you want me or not?" They were like, "Yes. We want you. Come aboard." And so I've been here since 2002 as the only licensed veterinary technician. But it's not always just petting and snuggling. A lot of our patients are very ill. We can have anywhere from 3 to 5 medical procedures to over 20 appointments in any given day. And having multiple doctors in the feline-only practice only makes us a lot busier. The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation is very near and dear to our hearts. It is named after one of our previous assistants that worked with us for over 10 years who committed suicide. The clients loved Chris. He was always asked for as one of the assistants in the room, so he made a really big impact. So we wanted to continue that impact. Neonates are no different than your other standard patient; that they deserve [...]

Do Your Cats Fight After Veterinary Visits? Hi, everybody. Happy Tuesday. We're back with Coffee Talk. My name is Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head LVT here at NOVA Cat Clinic. And today we're going to talk to you all about sibling issues or roommate issues because they're not always actually . Especially coming back from the vet's office, and one of them leaves the house, which is a major stressor, comes here, and then returns home. And then suddenly, your two cats aren't getting along anymore. Well, what do we do? Yeah, they smell different because remember, cats really care about the way things smell way more than we do. So we have to be careful when they start to smell different because they're like, "I don't know if I recognize you. You smell different." It's hard. It's hard. So one of my tricks - it doesn't work for everybody, but works for some people - is when you get home, you put a dab of vanilla extract on their heads and on the base of their tails. And then I feel like it resets a lot of them, and then they don't have this issue. I usually recommend that if you do have any type of sibling issues or roommate issues, or whatever you want to call your two cats, or three cats, or four cats, that when you bring one home and it hasn't been around everybody for a bit, then keep him in a separate room for a little bit just to kind of let him cool off. Maybe they didn't like it when they gave us blood today. Maybe they need to take five minutes and think about it and just calm [...]

Can Essential Oils Harm My Cat? Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Coffee Talk with-- I'm Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician here at NOVA Cat Clinic. Well, Happy New Year! We haven't been-- It's a new year! --here in a while. We've been working very hard. We just haven't had a chance to chat with you, so sorry about that. But feel free to interrupt us at any time again. We are in Arlington, Virginia. So if we can help you in person, just let us know. Otherwise, we're going to have a very quick talk today about essential oils and other alternative treatments that you can get for your own cats at home, and what we think about them. So real fast, Ellen, do you like using essential oils yourself? Myself, I love the smell of scented soaps and candles and everything like that. But I had exotic pets in my home such as parrots, etc., and essential oils basically are a big no-no when it comes to using essential oils, because they're really sensitive to essential oils, depending upon is it an artificial essential oil, is it a natural essential oil, or is it like Teflon, all that other kind of stuff. Because they're-- Teflon is deadly. Deadly to birds. Deadly to birds. Don't use it. You will kill them like that. And they have super sensitive respiratory tracts. And so recently we got a message on our Facebook page asking us to discuss essential oils because apparently there's some story going around that some cat got really sick about essential oils, and what's our view on essential oils, etc. And well, a lot of it boils down to common sense. Yeah. So [...]

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The Best of 2017 NOVA Cat Clinic Instagram

What a tremendous year it’s been for NOVA Cat Clinic. From the revitalization of our Instagram in the spring - currently orchestrated by our veterinary assistants Sara & Sophie (Sophie speaking, hello!) - donating HUNDREDS of pounds of food to the DC Humane Rescue Alliance over the summer, solidifying our Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation independent 501(c)3 in the fall, and moving to our new building on Cathedral Lane this winter we are extraordinarily proud of all that we have accomplished in 2017. Our kitten foundation, run by our very own mother of cats Ellen LVT (@thecatlvt), rescued and cared for 44 critical care kittens this year alone! For many of the kittens, Ellen achieved what can only be described as miracles. From differently-abled (paraplegic) Dory, Dakota aka Princess Poops (unable to control her bowel movements), Stevie the eyeless wonder, Remi the vampire kitten (neonate blood transfusion recipient), the several litters of c-section kittens that Ellen expertly helped adapt to life in their new world, and many more - every single life deserved a chance. We are so incredibly grateful to all those who donated to charity over the year, for the Amazing Acrocats who helped raise money while they were performing at NextStop Theater in Herndon, and to Melissa Lew (@mlewjewelry) for designing jewelry for our kitten foundation. To everyone who donated, no matter how small, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every single penny makes a difference for the critical neonates in our care. With a fully functional 501(c)3, an expanded network of foster homes, and broadened connections with other local rescue organizations we are eager to help even more kittens in 2018. Over the year our doctors cared for cases [...]

Want To Help Orphaned Kitten? And Buy Some Holiday Gifts?

The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (CGMFF) with your help has saved 43 kittens this year.  Unfortunately every year, some kittens do not make it.  The average mortality rate is 20%.  The CGMFF's rate was 4%.  To learn more about the foundation and consider donating please click here. The Foundation has purchase an incubator which will help save more lives. If you would like to help the foundation continue its good work, please consider purchasing these beautiful handmade necklaces.  Melissa Lew is the artist and the necklaces are truly incredible. They can be yours for $27.  All of the money will go directly to the foundation. The purchase is not deductible according to IRS regulations. Shipping and handling is included. Unfortunately, we do not ship intentionally.  All addresses must be in the United States. Your purchase will help the foundation.  The supply is limited so place your order today. Please let us know what color you would like - Light Blue Teal Fuchsia Mustard Rose gold glitter Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

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What Is IBD and How Is It Treated? Hi, everybody. Sorry for our hiatus. My name's Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician here at NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia. And today, feel free to pop in any questions wherever. But we're going to talk about inflammatory bowel disease in cats. In people, it's called inflammatory bowel syndrome, but we call it disease because it's a disease. So today, we're just going to go through the beginning of it, and we're going to go through how and why it happens, and we're also going to talk about symptoms of it and signs. So Ellen, I feel like we talk about poop a lot. We do a lot of stuff. We do a lot of fecal analysis in house, including stains and everything as well. We're always handling poop. It's true. And then we always talk to people about what you see in the box, so here we go doing that again. So why don't you start talking about the guts and just what the normal gut does, and then we'll talk about what happens when it gets diseased. Well, the difference between the feline patient, because they're true carnivores versus your omnivores patient, is you are always going to have different lengths of your intestine because cats have a very short intestinal tract. They also have different flora as well with their intestinal tract as well So anyway, what happens is IBD basically is this huge inflammatory process that can be caused by numerous things. And so when the cat usually is presented for poop issues, it's usually because the cat's been having chronic diarrhea for a long time, and your veterinarians have ruled all sorts of [...]

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