Cats Needing “Furrever” Homes

Everyone who meets Mink falls in love with him. Mink is a handsome gentle giant who wants nothing more than a lap to sit on. If you have a sunbeam and some treats to munch on, so much the better. He's a very friendly, laid-back kitty who purrs up a storm. He loves being carried and being brushed. He qualifies as a senior, but don't tell him that. He thinks he's a lap panther!                           Fluffy is a beautiful 4-year old girl who hails from Moscow, Russia. Fluffy is a true Russian ballerina-beautiful and graceful. She seems a bit shy at first, but she just wants to give you her attention on her own terms. Once she decides she likes you, she's a total lovebug and can get quite silly and playful. She'll give an adorable little chirp to let you know your attention is required. She'll keep you company all day, either on your lap (she's happy to share it with Mink) or very nearby. She loves being brushed and playing with her feather toys.                 This pair has been through some hard times, losing their home when their elderly owner suddenly passed away. But their difficulties have not hurt their sweet dispositions one bit, and they're looking forward to a "furrever" home of their own. They are good with other cats. If you have an empty lap in your home, these two would love to fill it! They are being fostered through For more information on adopting these two delightful kitties, you can contact (their foster mom), or one of their HT [...]

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When Is The Move? – Getting Closer

We were hoping to be in a our new space at 3838 Cathedral Lane in mid April.  Everything will be in place before mid April, but we will not have power. Dominion is projecting that they will be finished May 5th. There will be a few days of cross over.  During those days we will not have boarding or full body x-ray.  Everything else will be available. Since the move is delayed, boarding is available in April for the Easter and Passover holidays.  We hope to have a move date set soon. We would like to share the progress. Surgery                 First Floor                   Outside                    

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What Happened to Winifred?

Winifred is one of the kittens the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (CGMFF) helped to save.  She was an extremely small kitten that required extra veterinary nursing care.  She is doing very well in her new home in Upstate New York. The kitten season will be upon us soon so please help Ellen and the CGMFF help save orphaned kittens.  We will be posting information about the at risk orphans as they arrive. Your donations go a long way to help them and they are tax deductible.  Click here to learn more. To see more about Winifred click here.

Answers To The Dental Quiz

Thanks to all who entered the contest.  I hope you enjoyed the quiz and found it informative. Here are the answers to the questions Cats are carnivores and that is one of the reason their teeth are specially adapted to eat meat This is True          2. How many teeth does an adult cat have? 30          3. How many teeth does a kitten have? 26 4. What is/are important activity(ies) you can do at home to prevent dental disease? A and D - Feeding dental treats and brushing teeth           5. Dental disease is reversible at stage I True            6. Why is it absolutely critical to treat dental disease in our feline friends? All of the above - alleviating pain and suffering - decreases systemic infection and stop the progression of dental disease.            7. What are some of the signs of dental disease in your kitty that you can look for yourself? All of the above - a dark red line at the gum line, bad breath, pawing at the mouth, decreased appetite, and no signs at all            8. What should you insist be included in dental surgery? All of the above - dedicated anesthetist, administration of IV fluids, dental x-rays, monitoring, and pain management.            9. It's okay to leave a broken tooth in place as long as it is not causing pain or is not infected. False-  broken teeth expose pulp which will lead to infection and emergency therapy. Root canal is an option for canine teeth            10. [...]

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Special Needs Kitty – In Need Of Good Home

Trina is one of the sweetest most loving cats that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  She has an interesting story.   She was found at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC.  She was surviving on french fries and other food that strangers kindly gave her. Some good Samaritans took her in and brought her to NOVA Cat in hopes of adopting her.  She does have a microchip, but when we called the owner, they did not want her back.  When we tested her for Feline Leukemia/FIV, she tested positive for Feline Leukemia. This is a virus that is in the same family of viruses as HIV. The virus does not affect humans, but can be transmitted to other cats.  Our good Samaritans had other cats and were not able to take her with them.  The virus is more lethal in cats under the age of one.  I have seen older cats do well for much longer periods of time. Trina does well with all people. We currently have her separated from other cats.  She would do best as the only cat in a household or a household that has other Feline Leukemia positive cats. Please feel free to email or call us for more information.

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When Are You Moving?

When are we moving?  The target date is at the beginning of April. Our contractor, Turner Construction, is working at a frenzied pace.  Of course there can always be delays.  We will work hard to keep you up to date on events as they happen.  There will be limited or no availability on some of our services. We do know that there will be dates that boarding will not be available.  That is most likely in the beginning of April. We will continue working at 923 N Kenmore Street as we are moving into the new space, 3838 Cathedral Lane. There will be a period where the current facility will be not be a full service hospital.  At that time, we will be able to perform exams, administer medication and vaccines as well as do surgery and dental cleaning. We are looking forward to our move and think that you will be very happy with the new facility. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

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Results – How Can We Help You?

Thank to everyone that answered our survey.  We held the drawing for those that entered and Lauren Oschman is our winner.  Congratulations to her.  We will be holding other surveys and contests through out the year.  Please feel free to give us your feedback and enter through out the year. We want to answer questions that were ask in this blog. Thank you again to all who entered We now offer later evening appointments.  When we move, we will have more availability. We have more Saturday appointments available and will be offering more in our new facility. We do offer a loyalty program, house calls in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and the Maryland suburbs next to DC.  We will be offering wellness programs when we move. Questions Revolution by mail order? - We have an online pharmacy House calls in Falls Church?  House calls in DC?    We now offer house calls in Falls Church, DC, and Suburban Maryland.  These are limited to Thursday and Friday. There is an additional charge. Offer advice over the phone?  This is slightly challenging.  We need to have patient-client-doctor relationship (PCR) to offer medical advice and/or prescriptions.  The Virginia definition of a PCR is an exam in a one year span.  If we have not seen your cat in less than a year, we cannot offer medical advice. Cat are very good at hiding illness.  Timing of care can be critical. If we have a PCR, phone advice can be offered, but sometimes cats need to come for care. Grooming without sedation.  We only offer medical grooms and grooming for cats that do not tolerate grooming.  We do have recommendations for groomers that do not sedate for grooming. Online portals [...]

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Construction Continues Roaring Along

Construction Continues Roaring Along The good men and women of Turner Construction continue pushing forward with the build out of 3838 Cathedral Lane. They hope to finish with the project around the first week of April. The original slab was demolished and a new concrete slab poured.  It was amazing to watch the change. Framing for both the upper and lower floors has happened.  The lay out of the new building will be similar to the current one.  The exam rooms and pharmacy will be on the first floor. We will  have a comfort/consult room which we do not currently have Boarding, dentistry, surgery, radiology, I-131, and the doctors' office will be upstairs. Seeing the rooms will be materialize in front of us is very exciting.  We are looking forward to our move to the new facility.  We will keep you informed as things progress. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.  

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We Want To Hear From You

It has been a little while since we performed a  survey.  From that survey, we were able to make changes you requested. From the survey, we have added an extra doctor on Saturday increasing  our availability.  We have added more evening appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have started offering limited house calls in Arlington and Alexandria.  We are considering expanding into DC and Falls Church.  This service is only offered to current clients. We would be most pleased if you would take the time to fill out our survey.  In thanks for your time, you will be entered in a drawing to win $50 in products and/or services.  Surveys will need to be submitted prior to Jan 31, 2017 to be eligible for the prize. The responses and winner will be posted in February.  Please make sure and scroll to the end - there are 8 questions. Thank you for your consideration. Create your own user feedback survey

Construction Is Moving Along

The hard working men and women of Turner Construction are hard at work.  They are making great progress and we hope to be on track for a move in April. They are putting in a new floor on the first floor.  The upper floor is being shored up. Layout of the new building will be very similar to old facility.  The first floor will be exam rooms and out patient treatments.  The second floor will be surgery, dentistry, treatment, and offices. One change is that our hospital manager's office will be close to the reception area.  We hope this will help us improve our customer service and response times. Our photos are from Eric Taylor Photography. Please feel free to contact us with any questions

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