Can Essential Oils Harm My Cat? Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Coffee Talk with-- I'm Dr. Erica Barron, and this is Ellen Carozza, our head technician here at NOVA Cat Clinic. Well, Happy New Year! We haven't been-- It's a new year! --here in a while. We've been working very hard. We just haven't had a chance to chat with you, so sorry about that. But feel free to interrupt us at any time again. We are in Arlington, Virginia. So if we can help you in person, just let us know. Otherwise, we're going to have a very quick talk today about essential oils and other alternative treatments that you can get for your own cats at home, and what we think about them. So real fast, Ellen, do you like using essential oils yourself? Myself, I love the smell of scented soaps and candles and everything like that. But I had exotic pets in my home such as parrots, etc., and essential oils basically are a big no-no when it comes to using essential oils, because they're really sensitive to essential oils, depending upon is it an artificial essential oil, is it a natural essential oil, or is it like Teflon, all that other kind of stuff. Because they're-- Teflon is deadly. Deadly to birds. Deadly to birds. Don't use it. You will kill them like that. And they have super sensitive respiratory tracts. And so recently we got a message on our Facebook page asking us to discuss essential oils because apparently there's some story going around that some cat got really sick about essential oils, and what's our view on essential oils, etc. And well, a lot of it boils down to common sense. Yeah. So [...]

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The Evolution of 3838 Cathedral Lane to the New NOVA Cat Clinic

The Evolution of 3838 Cathedral Lane to the New NOVA Cat Clinic   We hope everyone is enjoying our new space as much as we are. This has been a long journey with a few hiccups along the way. The transformation began with the rebranding of the former Capital Cat Clinic to NOVA Cat Clinic. We do not want to bore you with the details, but want to bring to your attention the many meanings of Nova. We would assume that most would guess that NOVA stands for Northern Virginia. Nova also mean New in Portuguese (Dr Brown’s first language). We cannot forget that a Nova is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently "new" star, that slowly fades over several weeks or many months. Finally Nova is a wonderful PBS science series. We would like to share the transformation of 3838 Cathedral from an empty office building in 2012 to NOVA Cat Clinic in 2017. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your furry friends . Original building 2012               Interior 2012                 NOVA Cat Clinic 2017

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The Best of 2017 NOVA Cat Clinic Instagram

What a tremendous year it’s been for NOVA Cat Clinic. From the revitalization of our Instagram in the spring - currently orchestrated by our veterinary assistants Sara & Sophie (Sophie speaking, hello!) - donating HUNDREDS of pounds of food to the DC Humane Rescue Alliance over the summer, solidifying our Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation independent 501(c)3 in the fall, and moving to our new building on Cathedral Lane this winter we are extraordinarily proud of all that we have accomplished in 2017. Our kitten foundation, run by our very own mother of cats Ellen LVT (@thecatlvt), rescued and cared for 44 critical care kittens this year alone! For many of the kittens, Ellen achieved what can only be described as miracles. From differently-abled (paraplegic) Dory, Dakota aka Princess Poops (unable to control her bowel movements), Stevie the eyeless wonder, Remi the vampire kitten (neonate blood transfusion recipient), the several litters of c-section kittens that Ellen expertly helped adapt to life in their new world, and many more - every single life deserved a chance. We are so incredibly grateful to all those who donated to charity over the year, for the Amazing Acrocats who helped raise money while they were performing at NextStop Theater in Herndon, and to Melissa Lew (@mlewjewelry) for designing jewelry for our kitten foundation. To everyone who donated, no matter how small, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every single penny makes a difference for the critical neonates in our care. With a fully functional 501(c)3, an expanded network of foster homes, and broadened connections with other local rescue organizations we are eager to help even more kittens in 2018. Over the year our doctors cared for cases [...]

How Do I Teach My Cat To Not Scratch My Furniture?

Let's start with the fact that scratching is a normal feline behavior.  Our furry friends scratch to help groom their claws and eliminate dead sheaths.  They also using scratching to help "mark" their territory. Although a natural behavior for most people, this may be considered undesirable.  Well, do not fear, there are many methods to help train your cat to use a scratching post instead.  We cat parents can also help our cats groom their claws.  This start with trimming their nails.  We recommend starting this procedure early in life.  Some cats do not like having their feet touch and may object.  In these situations, you may want to try one paw at a time when your cat is asleep.  Another option is to take your cat to a veterinarian or groomer and have them trim the nails for you. Soft Paws are also another method to help decrease damage.  These are plastic nail caps that are glued on the nails.  The nails should be trimmed first and then the Soft Paws applied.  This is probably best done as a 2 person task.  To learn more about Soft Paws click here There is a new and exciting product that has  been released here in the United States. Feliscratch This product has the pheromone that is in your cat's paws.  They recognize this as the place where they mark with scratching.  This works with both color and smell.  One starts using it daily on the desired scratching area for a week.  Once your cat has learned the desired location, the applications decrease to once weekly.  To learn more click here. Another great product to use is Feliway spray.  When cats smell this, they mark with [...]

3838 Cathedral Lane Survey Says

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our survey. We also received suggestions to help improve our services to you and your cats. Your feedback helps us to meet you and your cats needs. Congratulations to Alison Brooks. She is the winner of the drawing. We are working to continue hiring the most cat-friendly team possible. We will keep you informed as we add new times and services. Extended Saturday hours is the service most in demand. We will work to phase in longer Saturday hours.         Saturday procedure will happen afterwards. We are planning on introducing wellness plans in 2018. These are request from your surveys Will there be an open house at new digs?! Yes in the Spring of 2018 House calls? We do limited house calls on Thursday and Friday afternoons. These are available in VA, DC, and MD. Dr Brown will have more availability at 3838 Cathedral so we will not be able to expand house calls. Do you already do acupuncture? Dr Barron is certified to perform acupuncture. Instead of paying for each visit, commit to a plan with an annual payment that includes a nail trim every 6 weeks. We are planning to offer wellness plans. Emergency contact number for vet on and off hours seems more vets are needed at times, turning people away We are looking into a triage service to help with after hour needs.

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Want To Help Orphaned Kitten? And Buy Some Holiday Gifts?

The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (CGMFF) with your help has saved 43 kittens this year.  Unfortunately every year, some kittens do not make it.  The average mortality rate is 20%.  The CGMFF's rate was 4%.  To learn more about the foundation and consider donating please click here. The Foundation has purchase an incubator which will help save more lives. If you would like to help the foundation continue its good work, please consider purchasing these beautiful handmade necklaces.  Melissa Lew is the artist and the necklaces are truly incredible. They can be yours for $27.  All of the money will go directly to the foundation. The purchase is not deductible according to IRS regulations. Shipping and handling is included. Your purchase will help the foundation.  The supply is limited so place your order today. Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

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Why Does My Cat Act Up At The Veterinarian?

Why Does My Cat Act Up At The Veterinarian? My cat is not like this at home. Why does (s)he act up at the veterinarian. One of the first things to remember is that there is no such thing as a “bad cat” just an afraid one. You read correctly – no “bad cats” just afraid. So put yourself in side of your cat’s head. (not easy to think like a cat). You are the master of your territory. You LOVE your territory and guard it from others. You are comfortable in your territory and know where it is safe. The next thing you know you are in box and arrive at a completely new and foreign place. So imaging yourself being taken from your safe and familiar confines and ending up in the Amazon where you do not speak the language or know the customs. Even a minor experience of going to a party where you do not know anyone can be stressful. So now you are a cat, in a box and transported to a strange new land. Pretty scary? What can we do to make this better? One thing is to leave out the carrier on a regular bases. This serves to make “the box” familiar and part of your territory. Even consider taking your cat for car trips on occasion. So now you have arrived at the veterinarian. New unfamiliar territory. What’s next? We try to allow your cat time to acclimate. They are NOT dumped from the carrier. The door is opened and they are allowed to come and visit if they would like. They can also remain in the carrier. When the doctor exams them it can be done [...]

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Costume Contest Winner

WOW What a great contest!!! So many amazing costumes and contestants. Thanks to everyone for entering and for voting.  Drum roll!!!! Our winner is Cotton the Lion King.  Cotton is an amazing guy.  We should all congratulate him and his family. Our second place contest is Sheriff Monpie.  Another great costume. Sheriff Moonpie Third place goes to Rocky the Magician's rabbit Thanks to everyone who entered.  Getting a good cat picture is amazingly challenging.  To get them in costume almost impossible Be on  the look out for more contest in the future.  We look forward to seeing you at our new facility at 3838 Cathedral Lane - Arlington, VA 22203

The Move Is Upon Us

The move to 3838 Cathedral Lane is happening!!! Do you like Emme and Buddy's new cat furniture? We hope they do!!! Now for some details Surgery and procedures will be at 3838 Cathedral Lane on Thursday (10/26/17) and Friday (10/27/17). Appointments will continue at 923 N Kenmore St until Saturday (10/28/17).  We will start seeing patients for appointments on Saturday, 10/18/17.  All services will be provide on Saturday.  We will not have food available unless you pre-order it.  All products will be available on Monday 10/30/17. So hopefully we can provide an FAQ to help answer any questions Will the phone number , fax number, and the email addresses stay the same?  YES - all communication will stay the same. How far is the new location from the old location?  1 mile or 5 minutes (depending on traffic) (Map provided to help)                         Will parking be easier?  YES - We have a much larger NOT shared parking lot Where exactly is 3838 Cathedral Lane?  It is at the intersection of Glebe Road and US Route 50.  If you are come from the North, make a right after the Dunkin Donuts and before the McDonalds.  The clinic is the next building on the left after the McDonalds. If you are coming from South Arlington, DC, Falls Church, or Alexandria you will get on Glebe Road heading north.  The McDonalds will be on your left.  Make a left turn before the Dunkin Donuts.  If you see Mr Wash on your right you have gone to far.                     What route would you recommend when I leave?  If you [...]

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What Is Feral Cat Day?

Hi, everybody. Welcome back. My name's Dr. Erica Barron and this is our head technician here at Nova Cat Clinic, Ellen Carozza. And we're going to chat with you about cats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below this video and we'll try to do our best to answer them. We might just look at each other and say, "You got to go to the vet." But we'll do our best. Today we're going to talk to you about National Feral Cat Day. We're not going to be able to have a coffee talk next week because Ellen is going to the American Association of Feline Practitioners meeting. And she's presenting, which is quite exciting. And she's going to rock it. She's going to talk about pediatrics because that's what she does a lot of. In case you don't know Ellen, she's actually a mother of kittens. So she's going to talk to people about that. But we thought it would be a good time for us to talk to you about feral cats since we won't be here next week to do that. So Ellen, why don't you explain to everybody what a feral cat is. A feral cat, technically, is an outdoor cat that you can not handle. You can have an outdoor, friendly cat. That is not a feral cat. A feral cat truly does not want to be handled by human beings. It will share the same space as you, they will accept food from you, they will accept shelter from you, but they do have a very set boundary that they want you to respect. Yes. That's a great way to explain, because I think a [...]