Changes In Virginia Drug Laws


As of July 1, 2018, Virginia veterinarians will be required to report certain prescriptions to the  Prescription  Mandatory Program (PMP).

This has been required of physicians and pharmacies for the last few years.

Once the law applies to veterinarians, we will only be able to prescribe 7 days of medications.  If your cat is in need of chronic medication, we will write a prescription so you can purchase them at a pharmacy.

For most of our patients, there are only 2 drugs that are affected.  The first is gabapentin. If more than 7 days is needed, we will write or call in a prescription.

The second drug is buprenorphine. Not every pharmacy carries this drug.  We have located some pharmacies that should be able to help with this medication.

There is still some interpretation that will be happening.  As we learn more we will keep you informed.

Please feel free to contact use with any questions or concerns.