The members of our NOVA Cat Clinic House cat Family include Emme and Misty. Emme came to us from our wonderful friend, Dr. Laura Holland in Pennsylvania. In the past Dr. Holland worked at NOVA Cat Clinic periodically when one of our staff veterinarians was on vacation or at a conference. We only wish that she lived closer, so she could join the NCC team on a full time basis.

Emme arrived to us at a very young age to be nursed back to health and adopted to a loving home. She was born in the Spring of 2008 and has really enjoyed staying at the clinic. We love her so much that she will be our new clinic cat until she feels the need for a quiet home. She will probably greet you at your next visit or be lounging by the front desk waiting for her next treat.
On the other end of the spectrum, Misty came to us because her family left the area.   We have been working with her to help her with her shyness, and one day adopt her to a loving family



Likes: Supervising the front desk, playing with the label maker, climbing on cat carriers, toy mice, eating, kittens, and greeting clients

Dislikes: Spring allergies, missing breakfast, and delivery drivers


Likes: Treats, chin scratches, and catnip mats

Dislikes: Not getting treats, kittens, manicures, and strangers