This month also marks the return of our Fabulous Feline contest! Each month starting in June, we’ll accept photos and the picture with the most “likes” will be the Fabulous Feline Face of NOVA Cat Clinic on Facebook for the next month. We will accept pictures from June 5 to June 15. Voting will be from June 16 to June 23.

At the end of the year, all monthly winners will be placed in a Grand Prize competition. At that time, the photo will the most “likes” will receive $300 in services or products from NOVA Cat Clinic. Second place will receive $200 in services or products, and third place will receive $100 in services or products. The Grand prize competition will begin on Jan 15, 2014. We look forward to seeing all of your fabulous felines!

[title size=”2″]Mac – November Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-macMac was born in Pittsburgh and spent the first year of his life in an animal shelter. In April of 2010, my Mom and I went to spend some time with the cats at the shelter, promising each other we would not get one – we just wanted to look! Well, that lasted all of about 3 minutes. I immediately fell in love with the cuddly, friendly, playful, and curious cat that we renamed Mac. (He was named after my obsession with Apple products.)

I brought Mac home and opened his carrier, nervous that he would immediately hide. Not out of character, Mac walked in like he owned the place. And not too long after that, he did! He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives that we don’t mind having to give him his daily medicine, buying his special food, creating super-hungry-cat-proof timed feeding bowls, middle of the night play time, monthly (or more!) vet visits, etc, etc. We even had to change our door knobs when he learned how to open the doors. When we walk in from a long day of work, Mac, our adorable short hair tabby is always waiting at the door for us, stretching out and rolling over for some tummy rubs and millions of head-butts, purring all the while. Our snuggly, spunky, and sprightly cat, Mac, will always be the “Apple” of our eye!

[title size=”2″]Nikita – October Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-nikitaWe adopted Nikita last January when we found her at the Fairfax Animal Shelter. She had been rescued on our wedding day which we thought was kinda cool. She has a lot of energy and is very playful, but she also loves to be held and cuddle. She also loves to eat!

[title size=”2″]Shelly Burrfoot – September Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-shellyShelly Burrfoot (also known as Shelle-Belle and Shellybooger) is an (approximately) thirteen year old mixed breed longhair, originally from southern West Virginia. She was found when she was about a year old in a rural neighborhood. Never shy, she walked into her new home as if she owned the place.

Shelly loves being held, carried, and snuggled. Her favorite place is a lap, any lap, and she purrs almost constantly. She gets along with other cats, dogs, rabbits, and most people – though she is just a bit afraid of small children. As you can see from the photo, her best friend is a grey hare named Baby (though don’t tell Baby we said that). Her favorite foods are milk and buffalo gooshy food. While she can make a toy out of literally anything (including bottle caps and holiday tree ornaments), her favorites are her catnip pillow and laser pointer. When she’s not snuggled up on her mama’s lap, she can be found napping in her favorite basket or a sunny window. Shelly also enjoys “reading” (books and kindles) and watching her mama’s husband cook. She used to be afraid of storms, loud noises, and the dark but Dr. Hogan is helping her work on that.

Shelly moved to northern Virginia with her mama in May of 2011. She likes living in Virginia a lot, because she has better vet care and the pet stores stock a lot of interesting varieties of gooshy food. She’s also very happy with her mama’s choice of husband, since he not only cooks but goes out of his way to find healthy organic treats and new foods for her to try.

[title size=”2″]Jumpy – August Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-jumpyJumpy was born a Baltimore alley cat, and spent his first scrawny year on the streets. Eventually, he was taken in by his dad, and named Jumpy because he was, well, jumpy around people at the beginning. However he’s grown into his name, as he will climb on almost anything and finds his dad’s shoulders and the top of the fridge to be his favorite spots. He is a bit of a klepto when it comes to soft things like socks, sweaters, towels, and blankets (he especially loves them if they’re striped).

Jumpy’s still got some of his alley cat instincts, too. He likes to keep a watchful eye on everything, and his giant eyes are probably his most commented on feature (followed closely by his giant, bunny-like feet). He loves nesting in boxes, the more crinkly paper in them the better. He’ll also steal your food if you’re not careful! But best of all, he repays his mom and dad for rescuing him every day with lots of love and some of the best kitty hugs ever (pick him up and carry him around to get the purr-fect experience).

[title size=”2″]Toby – July Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-tobyHe is handsome 6 years old ginger guy.

He was found on the side of a highway. He was half bald, ridden with ringworm, burnt tail and burnt paw pads. He was always friendly and purring.

He recuperated beautifully with lots of love and care.

[title size=”2″]Milhouse – June Fabulous Feline Winner[/title]

ff-milhouseHe is 10 years old and originally from North Carolina. Here is the story of how Milhouse met his Mom from her point of view:

I had just moved to Durham, NC in 2002 to start grad school and I finally decided to get a cat. So I headed to the animal shelter in Chapel Hill — it was full of cats meowing their heads off, it broke my heart. And here was this one cat…just sitting there, very mellow, looking around, just taking everything in. I asked about him (I liked that he was so calm in such a crazy environment) — turns out he had been at the shelter for awhile (the longest out of all of the other cats there).

He was a young adult male cat (had been brought in as a stray)… and FIV positive — so I actually don’t know for sure how old he is, since his teeth are pretty bad from the FIV. I debated — I wasn’t sure about adopting an FIV+ cat… but he was really sweet. And I figured with the FIV, he had such a slim chance of being adopted… and I thought the shelter likely wouldn’t keep him around for much longer. So I took him home, gave him a new name (he’d been named ‘Mojo’ at the shelter), and he started his new life. He fit right in, and I was thrilled to see that his mellow demeanor was not just an act, as he’s pretty chill in most situations.