[title size=”2″]Gelsey – June Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

GelseyI named Gelsey after Mikhail Baryshnikov’s oft partner Gelsey Kirkland. Gelsey, with her beauty, in my humble opinion, and long legs proved to also be grace embodied. You should have seen her prancing along the narrow rails around my dining room.

She and her brother Misha were all of just over 3 ounces when I adopted them from Wendy’s Colonial Beach rescue charity. Someone had just dropped them off–fleas and all–when they were barely old enough to leave their mother.

Today, they are still best friends but keep slightly different schedules. MIscha is up with the sun and at his post downstairs watching the day begin. Gelsey always stays beside me or in my lap until I get ready for bed at night. Often she prefers to take the midnight watch and gaze out the window at the moonlit comings and goings before retiring with me.

She is a terrific huntress. No bug has a chance if she is around. Her favorite game is catching paper balls and she will coming running or play if I tear a piece of paper. She is quite skilled, usually catching them in their paws with a flying leap! Her favorit food is canned grilled salmon. She gets this most nights but suffice it to say that I have been know to share some that did not come from a can with her. She can be very persuasive.

At night, as long as she is touching me or Mischa, she drifts right off to sleep and stays with me the entire night.

[title size=”2″]Brady – May Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

BradyBrady came from a big Italian farm family in southeast Michigan. He quickly outgrew his territory and moved on to bigger and better things. He made Alex an offer he couldn’t refuse and thus, hired him as his first staff member. Several months later, he hired his second staff member, Alina. Brady is a very accomplished cat, owning several pieces of real estate, mostly one and two-story condos. He won the national spelling bee by correctly spelling meow (barely) and he prefers eating chicken and steak, though he also enjoys nibbling off of his staff’s food when they’re not looking. He spends most of his days fending off attacks from his new sister, Berry, and keeping her from the harms young kittens often do not know about. He also wants to know if she can be returned.

[title size=”2″]Sylvester – April Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

SylvesterSylvester is a tuxedo cat who was born on a farm in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He enjoys watching birds, playing with mouse toys, and fetching Nerf disks. Other hobbies include sitting on computer keypads, waking his owners up at 4:30 am to feed him “on time” on Saturday and Sunday, and interrupting the occasional board game.

Sylvester is a very social, interactive, and loving cat.

[title size=”2″]Misha (Jemina) – March Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

MishaI was borned and raised in Argentina. Misha was too, but I don’t know when or exactly where. A friend who usually feeds the stray cats who live in the gardens of the “Palacio Ferreira” Art Museum started to see her quite often, after a few days she noticed her being injured.My friend tried to talk me into adopting this poor kitty but I wasn’t sure as my work kept me traveling; finally I relented and enrolled her and my brother to help. That day, after my work we went looking for her and took her to the vet for a badly needed check-up (we initially taught her to be pregnant!)Misha was trembling and purring all the way! She seemed nice and curious, but I never imagined she could be so loving and kind with me.

This happened in the spring of 2010, and Misha has been a part of my life since, now that we moved to Virginia (she travelled with in the cabin and she managed to escape from her bag when I went to the restrooms and… took my seat !), Misha’s personality has flourished even more into a playful cat who thinks the entire carpet is her personal amusement park, here she also developed her strange love for cardboard boxes and her peculiar taste for drinking from the toilet.

One thing that has not changed is the joy she gives me everyday and the fact that she’s one of my best friends ever.

[title size=”2″]Cotton – February Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

CottonCotton was adopted from the Siamese Cat Rescue Center about 9 months ago. From day one he’s been a very loving, playful, outgoing cat. It doesn’t matter who comes through our door, he’s there to greet them with his little squeaky chatter and loves everyone. Cotton’s favorite things to do; eat, watch the chipmunks, eat, play with his string toys, eat, be loved, eat, chase his older brother and sister, Jake and Cleo, around the house. He’s been a great addition to our family.

[title size=”2″]Jake – January Facebook Banner Cat[/title]

JakeJake is a Snowshoe Siamese and was adopted 7 years ago from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. He was just a little puff ball that fit in the palm of our hands. He now lives the spoiled life with his sister Cleopatra and newly adopted brother Cotton. He can be a little shy but is very curious and is easily won over especially when he thinks it was his idea. His favorite toy is fluffy mice, which he will fetch if in the mood. He also loves spending time in the garage with Dad for what Dad calls guy time.