A few weeks ago, we began fostering a batch of ‘Holiday Kittens’. We started out with seven kittens. Within a matter of days all but two were adopted out. The two little black kittens we had named Coal and Soot. One Saturday Coal was adopted, leaving little Soot all alone. Days and days went by. Many people would come in and play with him in the lobby, but little Soot was still waiting for his furrever home.

sootMost of the staff here at NOVA Cat Clinic would take turns taking him home overnight and quickly fell in love with him. One staff member in particular, Clint, was really smitten with this kitten. Not only him, but his entire family – parents, brother, sister and all. Soot was becoming a part of the family through these regular visits. He was also having a great time playing in the various cardboard ‘forts’ Clint had built for him. It seemed apparent that Soot had already found his new home, it just needed to be made official.

Clint wanted to surprise his family on Christmas day with Soot. First, he laid the groundwork. He told his family that Soot had been adopted by a client. His family believed him, but also seemed to hold out a glimmer of hope that Soot could still be theirs. On Christmas morning, Clint came in to take care of the boarding cats, dressed Soot up in holiday fare, took him home, and hid him. His parents, brother, and sister were somewhat hopeful, but Clint was persistent that Soot had already been adopted. Then a few minutes later, to much cheers and rejoicing, Clint presented Soot to his family. Soot was the perfect gift for them, and they were the perfect gift for him. And of course they will all live happily ever after!