The holidays are upon us and everyone is concerned about their weight.  We should be concerned about our furry feline friends too.

Keep cats from gaining weight in the first place is the best way to manage.  If they do gain weight, there are clever ways to help them lose those pounds.  This also helps keep your cat from becoming board.

We need to remember that cats are hunters.  We can help them be hunters indoors.  This will help keep them from getting bored.

There is a great new system called the NoBowl Feeding System.  They have 5 mice that “teach” your cat how to hunt.  The holes become smaller and smaller so it becomes more challenging.  The system has a “skin” that helps mimic the feel of a mouse.

We are trying this new system with our clinic cats, Emme and Buddy.  You will see them around the clinic. We do have some NoBowls for sale and you can buy the system online.  For more information please click here.

If you like to DIY, here is a link to a web site that shows you how you can make your own feeding systems. Click here to see more 

Theses systems can help your cat stay active, entertained, and slim.

Please feel free to ask us for help with environmental enrichment for your cat.