Let’s start with the fact that scratching is a normal feline behavior.  Our furry friends scratch to help groom their claws and eliminate dead sheaths.  They also using scratching to help “mark” their territory.

Although a natural behavior for most people, this may be considered undesirable.  Well, do not fear, there are many methods to help train your cat to use a scratching post instead.  We cat parents can also help our cats groom their claws.  This start with trimming their nails.  We recommend starting this procedure early in life.  Some cats do not like having their feet touch and may object.  In these situations, you may want to try one paw at a time when your cat is asleep.  Another option is to take your cat to a veterinarian or groomer and have them trim the nails for you.

Soft Paws are also another method to help decrease damage.  These are plastic nail caps that are glued on the nails.  The nails should be trimmed first and then the Soft Paws applied.  This is probably best done as a 2 person task.  To learn more about Soft Paws click here

There is a new and exciting product that has  been released here in the United States.


This product has the pheromone that is in your cat’s paws.  They recognize this as the place where they mark with scratching.  This works with both color and smell.  One starts using it daily on the desired scratching area for a week.  Once your cat has learned the desired location, the applications decrease to once weekly.  To learn more click here.

Another great product to use is Feliway spray.  When cats smell this, they mark with rubbing.  Most of us do not care if our cats rub the furniture or our legs.  This should be done daily also.  To learn more about Feliway spray click here

Feliway is also helpful to decrease spraying.

Please feel free to call or email us with questions about these products.