Lucy was one of the many kittens that was fostered by the NOVA Cat Clinic. You may remember her under her original name Sox. Lucy (Sox) stole my heart from the start and when she came home she fit in the palm of my hand.

cat-laser-therapy-successLike all cats she never passed up a paper bag, a dangling toy, or pretty much anything her older brother Charlie was into. As she was reaching her first birthday I noticed Lucy favoring her back left paw. Worried she had injured herself I took her in to see Dr. Barron. The x-ray showed nothing was broken. Lucy was treated with an anti-inflammatory which seemed to do the trick. But the favoring returned and during her annual exam Dr. Barron noticed Lucy was uncomfortable as she checked Lucy’s spine. An x-ray of her spine showed Lucy had arthritis.

The recommended therapy was a series of 6 laser treatments. The first treatment was given to Lucy while she was still sedated from her spinal x-ray which led to the hilarious photo here. It’s like she is having a day at the spa. Lucy was not sedated during the rest of her treatments and was a good patient under the TLC of Ellen and rest of the staff.

Lucy was a little stiff after each treatment but it never lasted long. About half way through the series she was back to her old self and no paper bag was safe. Recently I got a laser pointer and she can’t get enough of that red dot. Before, she would have played for about 30 seconds and given up because it meant moving too much. Now it’s me that gets tired. I ended up buying an automated laser pointer. It runs for 15 minutes and sometimes we run it twice because she wants to keep playing with it. She’s a happy kitty!

– Lucy’s Mom