NOVA Cat Loyalty Program

For any purchases made at NOVA Cat Clinic, members will receive 5% placed in loyalty reward points.  These points can be redeemed at future visits for services.  The other wonderful benefit is that 2% of purchases will go to the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund (CGMFF).  The fund goes to help at need kittens and clients who need help with veterinary care.  To learn more or donate click here.

For example, you spend $100. Then  $5 is placed into points and $2 goes to the CGMFF. At your next visit, you spend $100.  The points can be redeemed so the final bill will be $95.  So you will earn $4.75 in points and $1.90 goes to the CGMFF.

The cost is $120 per year.  As part of the membership, you will receive two complimentary office visits. These can be used at any time during the year. Membership also gives you a free birthday nail trim for your cat.   Membership also entitles you to one free dose of Revolution.  Membership is for one year.

Please feel free to ask a team member for more information.