We all love our cats, and we want to maintain a great relationship. Destruction of furniture can put a wedge in the relationship.
First thing, scratching is a natural marking behavior.
We are going to teach you how to encourage another natural behavior instead, rubbing. Synthetic pheromones are your friend in this case. We will show you how to apply them – it is VERY easy.
Next we show you how to apply another product that will attract your cat to things you would like him to scratch.
You will be amazed at how easy this is.

Hi, everyone. Tonight, we’re going to teach you how to keep your cat from scratching your couch. So the first thing you going to need is a little bottle of FELIWAY spray. And all you have to do is spritz this on your couch once a day and instead of scratching your cat will rub. So pretty easy.

Watch as I do this. Just a gentle little spritz. Great. And that’s it. It all you have to do.

Now, you want to make sure you provide your cat with something to scratch. So here we have a couple of scratching posts, scratching material. And FELIWAY has a FELISCRATCH product that you open up.

Let me put this on here, where you want them to scratch. So you need to snip it open. Pretty easy. Be careful though. The stuff does stain, so it’s going to turn things blue.   The blue also attracts the cats to scratch as well as the smell. So you just cut it open and dab it on the material that you want them to scratch instead of a couch. So pretty easy to use. Just a couple of drops here and there

Cats see blue, and then it attracts them for scratching. Nice and easy. And that’s all there is to it.