Wow, what a year 2018 has been! The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation could not have done any of this without YOUR support!
This year brought in over 40 kittens for advanced medical care. Many of these cases were easy fixes, but several of our kittens needed more medical care than even we could provide. We needed to seek care with the specialists in our area so we could provide the necessary treatment, and you made it happen.

“London Tube stops” were this year’s name theme and we had plenty of names to use!


Angel, who came to us paralyzed from the waist down, from HRA(Humane Rescue Alliance). She needed to have diapers changed every few hours and had multiple skin and urinary tract infections to battle. She lucked out on having superstar foster parents (Lita and Karen) who have always generously open their homes and hearts for many of our special needs babies. Angel thrived and eventually a family in Florida that wanted a special girl just like Angel adopted her.


Heathrow was a shelter transfer with pneumonia. He spent two weeks in our portable oxygen chamber and received round the clock care until he was better. He quickly became a staff favorite and went to a home of his own with a cat named Moka.  Love Meow featured Heathrow as well as other social media feline sites.


Jubilee came all the way from Spotsylvania County, VA. She and her brother were found in a rainy ditch at a day old and the rescue was not able to provide them with the necessary medical care, so they were transferred to us. While her brother was too ill and passed away despite advanced medical intervention, Jubilee thrived in our home and the office incubator for several weeks and went from a fluffy white kitten to a lynx pointed medium haired cat! You can see Jubilee on web commercials for CATEGO, a veterinary approved flea and tick preventative. Love Meow featured her. Jubilee was adopted out and currently lives in NY with Ellen’s family.


Francis! (Sir Francis Drake) arrived as a transfer from the AWLA Kitten Academy. He simply was not thriving. Francis! thrived under our medical and nursing care. He became an internet sensation, proving that the small, the sick, and unwanted can grow, be loved, and become well. The Dodo and Love Meow have featured Francis as well as many other social media platforms. He lives with another CGMFF alumni, Wellington.

Harriet Puddingmil

Harriet Puddingmill was a special case this year. She came at three weeks of age with a “funny meow” and unable to eat. Under further medical investigation, our doctors found that Harriet’s liver and some of her small intestines were in her chest due to a traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. No wonder she was acting odd! Harriet needed more surgical intervention than we could provide, so we sought help from the veterinary surgical specialists in the area. Harriet had a successful surgery at VSC in Manassas and became a favorite patient of theirs while admitted for her procedure. She is currently up for adoption.


Paddington was yet another transfer from AWLA. He had severe flea anemia and a good part of his tail missing. This required him to needing a blood transfusion from our resident donor, Emme (who has helped dozens of kittens with her magical blood!) This little guy won the heart of Dr. Heath at NOVA CAT Clinic and she adopted him.


Our last kitten of the year is Oats “Mind the Gap.” Oats was relinquished to HRA due to a spinal injury from being closed in a door. Although he is partially paralyzed, he does feel deep pain. He makes an effort to walk and can go to the bathroom by himself. We are currently working on rehabilitation with laser therapy, acupuncture and exercises. He will be available for adoption in the coming weeks to a family that can understand his needs.
We could tell you a story about every kitten that came through our doors this year, but instead of a letter, we would be sending you a small book!

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