Buddy post radiation treatment

Buddy did very well with all of his anesthesia and radiation treatments. He is back with us safe and sound. We have survey at the end of this blog. You will have the potential to win $25 in services.

Post treatment mediations

Dr White placed him on a light short course of steroids. One of the side effects of radiation therapy is swelling. Unfortunately because there is not a lot of extra room in the skill, swelling can cause neurological signs. These include stumbling, stupor, or coma. The steroids help reduce the potential swelling.

In Buddy’s case, the steroids made his diabetes worse. We had to increase him to 15 units of insulin twice daily. Most cats are on 1-2 units twice daily. The steroids were greatly decreasing his quality of life.
We called Dr White and she agreed since this was making his life uncomfortable we would taper him and take him off the steroids early.

Potential side effects

We are closely monitoring him for neurological signs. The plan is to give him a large amount of steroids if he does have signs.

It should take 3-4 months before we see results from the radiation therapy.

Freestyle Libre

In the interim, we have started using the Freestyle Libre to monitor his glucose. From the early results, we feel that this is a game changer for glucose curving. We hope that all of us will be happier using this technique.

Here is a video of us applying the Freestyle Libre

Applying Freestyle Libre

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