A Success Story

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bosun-b4Before: Bosun – 25 lb – Pre weight management

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bosun-aftAfter: 19 lb – continued weight management

Bosun, or BoBo as the staffed has affectionately nicknamed him, is, in the words of Ellen, one of the best cats ever. He’s sweet, good-natured, and so darn cute. And let’s face it, one of the things that makes him so adorable is his size. He’s round, squishy and orange, which is pretty much the recipe for cute cat. But all of the extra weight was slowing BoBo down. His journey to a healthier life wasn’t easy, but with dedicated owners and Ellen’s weight loss plan, Bosun has gone from 25 pounds in November 2011 to 19 pounds in February 2013 and is keeping it off!

The first step in Bosun’s weight loss plan was to meet and talk with Ellen, our licensed veterinary technician. Ellen spoke with BoBo’s owners about his lifestyle. Ellen?s philosophy is that a diet will only work if it fits the cat’s lifestyle. For example, Bosun prefers a higher quantity of food and is very food motivated. With that knowledge, Ellen found a diet that provided a high quantity of food, but low calorie so that he could have the satisfaction of eating a larger amount, but without all the calories. For Bosun, that meant going on Purina’s Prescription Diet OM, which is available in both dry and canned formulas.

While Bosun ate Purina’s Prescription Diet OM, there are a variety of other prescription diets and even over the counter diets that can meet your cat’s weight loss needs. We also carry Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Diet.  This new diet is designed to increase metabolism, and decrease fat without losing lean muscle mass.