Why Won’t My Cat Eat? A Case From NOVA Cat Clinic


This is a very common reason for cats coming to see us.  There are a lot of reasons that this can happen.  The first steps at the clinic are to get a good history.

In this case, the cat would drink water, but when he tried to eat he would jerk his head back.  He would also start to drool.  This happened for 3 days.

The first thing that happens is that all cats are weighed.  He had lost a pound since his last visit. I usually start from the back and work my way forward.  This insures that no issues are missed or neglect.

Everything was with in normal limits except when we got to his mouth.  He was very unhappy and would not allow for an examination.

In these case, we often sedate to facilitate the examination.  Other diagnostics discussed after the examination were blood work and x-rays.

So this cat was sedate and a thorough mouth examination performed.  A piece of string was found hanging from his mouth.

Upon further examination look what we found.

A thread and needle

Cats can and do eat the strangest things. Once removed he responded very well and is doing great.

I hope you enjoyed this case and we will bring more as they occur.