“Fala” is a wonderful 14 year male neutered Siamese cat.  He unfortunately lost his mother after her battle with cancer. 

“Fala” has been a wonderful patient and we have seen him since he was a kitten in 2004.

He is in very good health and at his last check up, all of his blood work was with in normal limits. 

I used to tease his mother that Fala means talk in Portuguese.  That being said he is not any more talkative than most cats.  He is very sweet and a great companion.  He has been an only cat for the majority of his life.

He did go on walks with his mom and acclimates to new environments quickly. 

His mother meant a lot to all of us here at NOVA Cat Clinic and we promised his mom that we would help him find a new furrever home. 

Please call 703 525-1955 or email if you would like to learn more about Fala.